Mechanical Engineering

National Diploma Mechanical Engineering, ND (ME)

Mode of Study: Full-time / Part-time

Timetable: Day / Evening-Weekend

Duration: 4 Semesters

Higher National Diploma Mechanical Engineering, HND (ME) – Options in Automobile Engineering and Production Engineering

Mode of Study: Full-time

Timetable: Day

Duration: 4 Semesters

Course Objectives

The National Diploma programme in Mechanical Engineering Technology is aimed at producing mechanical engineering technicians and technologists for the nation’s industries, construction firms, public utilities and services. On successful completion of the programmes, the graduates should be able:

To carryout machine shop operations

To produce machine components

To operate, maintain and service mechanical equipment

To prepare systematic engineering reports

To carryout plant installation and maintenance

To apply management principles in organizing supervisory groups and in the management of sequence of activities.

The Higher National Diploma programmes in Mechanical Engineering Technology are aimed at producing technologists with a good mastery of engineering approach in executing mechanical engineering works. Two options of the HND programmes available in the Department are Automotive Engineering and Production Engineering.

HND (ME) Automotive Engineering

The programme is designed such that on completion of the course of instructions, graduates are expected to have acquired the skills to perform the following mechanical engineering functions:

To interpret design, diagrams and instruction manuals of automotive and heavy duty equipment

To know the basic underlying the design of an automotive and heavy duty equipment and their application

To construct suitable jigs as may by necessary for the production and assembly of the various components of an automotive

To diagnose fault in both the engine and other physical structure of an automobile and rectify them

To analyze and test the performance of an automotive, using relevant equipment

To manage an automotive assembly plant, sales and service workshops/garage

To appreciate pollution control, and general safety in the automotive industry.

HND (ME) Production Engineering

The programme in Production Engineering Option is aimed at producing technologists with knowledge and skills for production and maintenance of the Mechanical Engineering and similar industries. Diplomats of the programme should be able to:

Use and operate various machine tools and equipment in the production of engineering components

Understand the principles and application of production management techniques

Design tools and jigs and produce proto-type of such items

Fabricate metal products using various techniques and processes

Plan and carry out installation, maintenance and repair of plant, machines and equipment

Manage materials and human resources in the production industries at this level.

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