The office of the Deputy Rector was established in the year 1988 but initially called the Vice Rector’s Office until the nomenclature was changed to the office of the Deputy Rector in the year 1995 during the time of Dr. Makanjuola, S. A.


The Deputy Rector holds forth for the Rector whenever he is away, he/she represents him at occasions, meetings, amongst others when he is unable to attend. He also performs some other duties that may be assigned to him by the Rector from time to time such as resolution of staff matters on examinations and course outline, ensuring that the campus is well secured, maintenance of peace on campus, publication of directory of courses etc.

The office of the Deputy Rector is also charged with the responsibility of overseeing the Security Unit of the Polytechnic as well as the Horticulture Unit.

The Horticulture unit is responsible for the landscaping and aesthetics of the campus, and engagement of casual labours for the maintenance of the fields.


Administrative - 1

Executive - None

Secretarial - 2

Clerical - 1