Matriculation and graduation are academic ceremonies that represent significant landmarks in the lives of individuals passing through the polytechnic.



Matriculation signals the end the admission process and as a ceremony, it is a formal and ceremonial endorsement that the student been formally inducted into the institution. To do this, the ceremony begins with a procession and includes the formal presentation of matriculating students by the Dean of each school.

The matriculation oath is then administered on all the students. In the oath, the students are bound to the rules and regulations of the institution. The ceremony is a strictly formal and internal affair of the institution.



The graduation ceremony is the means by which the institution puts a seal of endorsement on every successful student exiting the institution after years of rigorous academic and intellectual labour. The ceremony signals the successful completion of the graduands’ academic pursuit within the institution.

National Diplomas and Higher National Diplomas are awarded at the formal ceremony. Where deserved, prizes endowed by institution and her partners in progress are awarded at this ceremony.

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