The Governing Council

Subject to the provisions of the Federal Polytechnics Decree No. 33 of July 1979, and without prejudice to any specific ministerial policies and directives, the Governing Council acts for the Federal Ministry of Education in formulating broad policies and guidelines for the general control and management of the Polytechnic.  Also, the Governing Council shall be the governing authority of the Polytechnic and shall have custody, control and disposition of all the property and finances of the Polytechnic and except as may otherwise be provided in the Decree, shall manage and supervise generally, the affairs of the Polytechnic in such manner as appears to it, best calculated to promote the interest, aims and functions of the Polytechnic.

The Governing Council consists of a Chairman, a Secretary [the Registrar of the Polytechnic], and thirteen other members [including the Rector of the Polytechnic] drawn from commerce and industry, ministries, the community, inter alia, as provided by the Decree.

The Academic Board

There is an Academic Board whose functions and membership are as specified in the Federal Polytechnic Decree.  The Board is responsible for:

1.    The direction and management of academic matters of the Polytechnic, including the regulation of the admission of students, the award of certificate and diplomas, scholarships, prizes and other academic distinctions;

2.    Making to the Council of such periodic reports on such academic matters as the Academic Board may think fit or as the Council may from time to time direct; and

3.    The discharge of any other functions which the Council may delegate to it.

The membership of the Board consists of the Rector of the Institution as Chairman, Deputy Rector, all heads of academic departments, the Polytechnic Librarian, all Chief Lecturers in the Institution and two co-opted members of the academic staff.  The Registrar of the Institution is the Secretary to the Board.

The Polytechnic Management Committee

The Principal Officers of the Polytechnic as provided in the Federal Polytechnics (Amendment) Decree 1993 are the Rector, Deputy Rector, Registrar, Bursar and the Polytechnic Librarian.  The officers constitute themselves to the Polytechnic Management Committee through which they manage matters of the Polytechnic other than academic.

School Board of Studies

Each School has a Board of Studies comprising of all heads of departments in the School as members.  The Dean heads the Board as Chairman.  Academic matters including examinations, curriculum development and staff matters including staff development and promotions are considered prior to determination at the Academic Board and /or Polytechnic Management Committee as the case may be.

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The Directorate of Student Affairs takes care of the welfare of students of the Federal Polytehcnic, Ilaro. The Directorate oversees issues relating to hostel accommodation, administration of documentation for bursary payment, oversight of student clubs and association affairs, facilitation of academic ceremonies viz: matriculation, graduation and management institutional/students’ union relationship and constructive oversight of the Student Union.

As a welfare centre. The Directorate acts as a clearing house for student complaints and concerns. She provides guidance and assistance to students in distress; while also mediating all manner of conflicts involving students’ causes and interests, resolving problems where they arise and ensuring that conflicts do not arise between institutional units and students. Additionally, the Directorate manages community/students’ relationship through a number of approaches initiatives and organs.

The Directorate is headed by the Dean of Student Affairs who is supported by Sub-Dean Student Affairs, Student Affairs Officer and other Administrative and Service Staff.