The different sets of people who found their way into various organizations be it Education, Agriculture, Judiciary, Medicine, Security Agencies e.t.c bear in mind one motive or the other.  This may tally or negate the primary objectives of Government establishment which is usually put in place for provision of public utility.  The establishments cannot afford to hire and fire her workforce at any slightest provocation considering the list of expenses involved before the employee scaled through the hurdles of recruitment, placement, training and retraining exercise.  Hence, the need  to put in place certain agency or body to checkmate the excesses of Public Servants in terms of punctuality and regularity at work; stability at duty posts; effectiveness, transparency, integrity; fairness; timely delivery of services to all the stakeholders.   


Service Compact with all Nigerians (SERVICOM) simply means an agreement signed in the early part of 2004 between the Nigeria Government and her citizens through the establishment of SERVICOM. This agreement has made the Government of the day to re-dedicate herself to the provision of basic services which each citizen is entitled to in a timely, fair, honest, effective and transparent manner.  SERVICOM came into being because of anti-productive behaviour exhibited by the civil servants across the nation as observed by the former President Olusegun, Obasanjo. He noted that Government establishments such as Health, Education, Judiciary, Agriculture etc have turned their offices into shopping mall where files and other needs of their customers would not be worked upon unless their requests were supported with inducements and other lackadaisical attitude on the part of government workers.


The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro SERVICOM Unit was established in 2011 but was later inaugurated in 2015 in compliance with the Federal Government directives to rid the system and imprint in her staff the spirit of efficiency and effectiveness in the discharge of their duties.

To correct the age long injustice meted on the tax payers through whose funds the various institutions were put in place.

Prudent Management of time is very essential to the success of any engagement.  Therefore, SERVICOM is concerned about what time it takes an officer to deliver a particular service.

Again, SERVICOM is deeply concerned about the elimination of institutional arrangement which hitherto was found wasteful.  That is, it aimed to correct the ‘I do not care attitude’ of most Nigerians about the Government properties.

Once more, the service takers are imbued to challenge any service failure any time it occurred.  The consensus opinion of the ex-President and his Ministers was that every customer has the legitimate right to be served right. The service provider is expected to seek redress in the face of any service failure.

The above points put together are meant to work towards building a sound democratic African nation whereby her workforce could proudly beat their chests and declare they have contributed their quota to the growth and development of their country.

2.0  STRUCTURE:     

SERVICOM is headed by the Deputy Registrar, Mr. A. B. Adebayo who at the same time is being referred to as Nodal or Focal Officer.  He is closely assisted by three (3) Desk Officers viz Desk Officer Charter Formulation, Implementation, and Review; Desk Officer Customer Care and that of Service Improvement. The aim of the Unit is to consistently take the Institution to greater heights by evolving different styles of doing the Government jobs.

3.0   VISION:             

To ensure that the workforce proof their worth during the discharge of their official responsibilities and without any fear or favour.


To provide quality services in an efficient and effective, timely, honest and transparent manner.           

4.0    MAIN FUNCTIONS:            

To lead the Institutional Service delivery initiatives through compliance with SERVICOM provisions of Federal Government.

To Formulate, Implement, Review the integrated charter and guide the various Departments in formulating its own mini (local) charter.

To Manage the Institution’s Customers Relation Policy including the provision of opportunities to receive feedback from customers.

To Institute a Complaint Procedure and Grievance Redress Mechanism.

To put up appropriate Market Research Techniques in identifying customers’ needs. 

To ensure the promotion of quality assurance and best practices in performance of the functions Institution.                                                                                                    

To serve as link between her and National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), Ministerial SERVICOM Unit, and forming a strategic partner with other stakeholders amongst others.


Contact the SERVICOM Nodal Officer through the GSM line – 07031238504 and also send a mail to [email protected]

The SERVICOM office is located at Main Administrative Building Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro OR drop your complaint in the suggestion boxes provided at strategic locations on Campus.

6.0    RELEVANT INFORMATION:          

You will not be considered a trouble maker if your express your view on any service failure.

Present your complaint in a simple, straight forward language.

Give at least five (5) days or more investigation of your case depending on its nature.

You are enjoined to commend good/laudable services rendered at any point of our service window across the Institution.


The Unit has succeeded in spearheading the Institutions service delivery initiatives.  

It has gained ground in terms of implementing and reviewing the formulated integrated and local charters as prescribed by the SERVICOM Act of 2004.

The Unit has succeeded in the establishment of Customer Care/Grievance Redress Mechanism at Institutions Medical Centre.

Also, it has put in place her Service Improvement Desk Office that was always out to dig deep into what could increase the productivity of all members of Staff.

Staff of the Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro are enshrined in SERVICOM provisions by making their services accessible, qualitative, communicate service entitlements and rights, publish accurate and timely information, redesigned the services around stakeholders requirements, the leadership at various Units, Departments, Schools and Divisions are more committed.

SERVICOM has also extended her services to Students..This has made the students to attend lectures punctually, improved t students’ behaviour, orderliness and given them the opportunity to express their minds.

Furthermore, the Unit has incessantly been disseminating the best practices and other tips to all stakeholders on effective service delivery and improvement. It has settled many cases between staff and students, staff to staff and other stakeholders.

The unit has taken it as point of duty to collaborate with the selected officers across the Departments who function as representative in SERVICOM Task force Committee.

Kudos to Management for making it possible to interact with SERVICOM Ministerial Units, Anti-Corruption Academy of Nigeria, (ACAN) an arm of Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) through her Sponsorship on Workshops, Conferences, Lectures amongst other achievements recorded by SERVICOM Unit.     

8.0 PLEDGE:      

The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro hereby re-enact her commitment to discharge  her various services promptly, efficiently and effectively in a transparent, accountable and corrupt free manner