NEWS         2024-06-13 09:10:24



In a bid to demonstrate the institution's commitment to fairness, accuracy, commitment, professionalism, transparency and development, the Management of The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro has reintroduced Script Auditing, known as the Internal Control and Compliance Technique.

According to the Registrar of the institution, Mrs A.F Babatola, FCBAN, auditing of examination scripts, that is, cancelling of every un-utilised parts of the examination booklet, to avoid a situation whereby no one is able to write on the script outside the examination hall, is a robust part of the Polytechnic's examination system which has been in existence for a long time.

She added that the practice was paused sometimes ago as a result of the serious gap in personnel requirements for effective management of such an all-important exercise.

She, however, emphasised that with the improvement in the staffing situation of the Polytechnic, this laudable control system was rebirthed to strengthen the academic integrity and reenforce the Polytechnic's Examination System “

Script auditing should be seen as an enviable practice which must be embraced by every institution of higher learning in view of its enormous benefits, one of which is it's propensity to eradicate corruption and it's proclivity to promote transparency.

Script auditing also brings about accuracy and fairness in grading, it removes bias, undue favourism and nepotism in the assessment of students' understanding, which will in turn, elevates the integrity and the reputation of the institution.

In addition, script auditing acts as a control mechanism for accurate feedback, resultsing from fair and objective students' assessment, and it will enable the institution to discover the areas of strengths and weaknesses of the students, the lecturers, the curriculum and the teaching methodologies.

Script auditing should therefore be seen as a veritable exercise aimed at fostering a culture of innovative and continuous improvements.

It should be emphasised that it is in realisation of the humongous benefits, acruable from this practice, that the Management of the Institution, led by Dr. Mukail Aremu Akinde has reintroduced and strengthened the process of script auditing for the benefit of the institution as a whole and not as an avenue to witch hunt, embarrass or debase anyone.