Library Development

Library Development
Library Development

1. Dheeraj mann - Facility management

2. Nwokoro Taibat Immaculate, Nwokoro, Taibat lawanson, Victor Onifade - Emerging issues in Urban planning and development

3. V.K Singh -Forest, Gardens, Parks and Urban Environment

4. E.Arumuga Gandhi - Urbanism

5. Michael Batty - Urban Modeling

6. Rais Akhtar - Urban Health in the Third World

7. David N. Laband, B.Graeme Lockaby, Wanye C. Zipperer - Urban-Rural interfaces

8. Timothy olugbenga Nabi Modupe Moronke Omirin Akintunde Samuel Afolayan - Private Section Driven Housing Delivery

9. B.C Acharya - A Textbook of Urban Sociology

10. Kimmo Katafala - Meaning of  an Urban Space

11. Tom Garrison - Oceanography

12. O. Garrison  - Urban Economics

13. R.C. Chandna - Regional Planning and development

14. Blain BadCock - Making Sense of  Cities

15. En.R.P Singh Kushwah - Introduction to Architecture and Town Planning with Vastol Shastua

16. Peter Bosselmann - Urban Transportation

17. Beverly Booth, Kiran Martin, Ted Lankesten. - Urban Health and Development

18. Sagar Mondal G.l Ray - Textbook on Rural Development Entrepreneurship and Communication Skills

19. John M.Levy - Contemporary Urban Planning

20. Madalina Dia Conn Eva Heubenger Ruth Malen – Benn Lukes Marcel Vosicky Senses and the City


                                                                   NUTRITION AND DIETETICS

1. Molly Chester And Sandy Schrecengost -  Back To Butter

2. R.I. Ihekoronye And P.O. Ngoddy - Integrated Food Scince And Technology For The Tropics

3. Mehinisethi - Institutional Food Management

4. Mukeshshanma - Analytical Techniques In Food Processing

5. Harbans Lal - Food And Nutrition

6. Hayley Davies - Nutrition For Spout And Exercise. A Practical Guide

7. Morris B. Jacobs Q -The Chemical Analysis Of Foods And Food Products

8. S. Paul   A Textbook Of Bio-Nutrition

9. Prateek Kuman Nutrition And Food Hygieve

10. Judith E. Brown - Nutrition

11. Lynn R. Marotz Maies Z. Cross Jeaviettia M. Rugh - Health, Safety, And Nutrition (For The Young ) 5th Edition

12. Michael E.Dlean - Fox And Camerens Food Scince Nutrition And Health

13. Smolin Grosvenon - Nutrition  Science And Application S

14. Kenneth  .S Saladin - Anatomy And Physiology

15. Melon H.Willians - Nutrition For Health Fitness And Spont

16.Mayank Prakash - Food Nutrition And  Cookery

17. Chiranji V Gandhi - Breeding And Protection Of Vegetables

18.Shivani Rawat  -  Applied Nntirtion

19.  Shivari Rawat - Principles Of Human Nutrition

20. Alex Kenny    -  Recent Advances In Biochemistry Of Nutrition

21.  Willians Cfvazien Dennis Cwesthoff  - Food  Microbiology

22.  John Consins Dennis Lilli Crap Suzanne Weekes - Food And Beverage Service

23. Dev Raj Rakesh Shanma And  V K Joshi - Quality Control For Value Addition In Food Processing

24. James Y.Blume -  Hand Book Of Diary Product

25. Davidfoskett Neil Rippington Patricia Paskinssteve Thorpe    -     Practical Cookery

26. Lynn R.Manots - Health Safety And Nutrition For The Young Child (International Edition)

27. Judith E.Brown - Nutrition Now

28. France Sizen Eleanor Whitney  - Nutrition (Concept And Controversies)

29. Linda  K Elly Debruyne Kathryn Pinna   - Nutrition  For Health And Health Care

30.  Lisa Hark Phd Rd Dr Darwin Deen  - Nutrition For Life

31. Sharon Rady Roifes. Kathry N Pinna Ellie Whitney   -   Normal And Chemical

32. Nancy Clark,S   -  Sports Nutrition  (Guide Book)


                                                  SCIENCE LABORARY TECHNOLOGY


1. Abhijit Dutta, Sunita Dutta and P.N Pandey -  Environmental Economics

2.   Oluwafemi And Badeyan              Physics For Beginners

3.  Young And Freedman    University Physics

4.  James Armstrong             General Organic and Biochemistry. (An Applied Approach)

5 . Robert K. Murray, David A. Bender, Kathleen M. Botham, Peter J. Kennelly, Victor W. Rodwell, P. Anthony Weil                  Harper Illustrated Biochemistry

6 . Darrel D. Ebbing, Steven D. Gammon      General Chemistry

7 .  Dr. R.C. Dubey   S. Chand’s Biotechnology with Biotechnology practicals

8 .  William P. Cunnigham    Principle of Environmental Science - Mary Ann Cunnigham   

9 . Warren Levinson              Review of Medical Microbiology and Immunology

10. Joanne Willey Linda Sherwood Chris Woolverton               Pres Cott’s Microbiology (African Edition)

11.    Eric J. Simon Jean L. Dickey Jane B. Reece              Camp bell Essential Biology (fifth edition)

12. Micheal T. Maidean John M. Mantinko   Brock Biology of Micro Organisms

13.  Frederick A. Bettelheim William H. Brown mary K. Campbell Shawn O. Farrell Oman J. Torres         Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry

14. Brown, Lemay, Bursten, Murphy               Chemistry

15.  Paul A. Tipler Gene Mosca           Physics for Scientist and Enginners

16.   Denniston, Topping, Caret            Microbiology a Human Perspective

17.  Kenneth Murphy Paul Travers Mark Walport        Janeways Immuo Biology

18.  Joanne M. Willey Linda M. Sherwood Christopher J. Woolverton Prescotts Microbiology (Eight edition)

19. Simon. Recce Dickey       Campbell Essential Biology (fourth edition)

20.  Horton, Moron, Scrimgeour, Perry Rawn               Principles of Biochemistry

21.  Steven Bonne, Phd.        College Chemistry

22. Russell Hertz. Mcmillan  Biology The Dynamic Science

23. S.Ram Reddy S. M Reddy              Microbial Physiology

24. Thao Doan Roger Melrard Susan Viselli Carl Wattenbaugh             Immunology

25. Marjorie Kellycowan Kathlean Park Talaro             Microbiology A Systems Approach

26.  A.S Rao Introduction to Microbiology

27.  Srikumen Koyikikal          Chemical process Technology and Simulation

28. Denniston, Topping, Caret            General, Organic, Acid and Biochemisry. (fourth edition)

29.  Nester Anderson Roberts. Pearsall. Nester            Microbiology (A human Perspective)

30.    Serway ,Vuille    College Physics (Ninth edition) 

31.   Bettelheim, Brown Campbell, Farrel Torres.         Introduction to Organic and Biochemistry

32.    Bettelheim, Brown, Campbell, Farrel.      Introduction  to General, Organic and Biochemistry (Eight edition)

33.   Joan L. Slonczewiski and John W. Foster Microbiology (An Evolving Science)

34.   Mastertan, Hurley, Neth               Chemistry, Principle and Reaction



1. Hambley Allan R.  - Electrical Engineering: Principles and Applications 5th ed.

2. Sedho R.S   - A Textbook of the Electronic Circuits

3. Horowitz Paul. -  The Art of Electronics. 2nd .ed.

4. Carlson Bruce.A. - Communication System.5th .ed.

5. Oppenheim. Alan - Signals & Systems 2nd .ed.

6. Sharman Sanjay Communication Engineering 

7. Bardyopadhyay.M  - Control Engineering. Theory and Practice

8. Ogata. Katsutiiko - Modern Control Engineering. 5th .ed.

9. Saheed.S.Hassan.  - Automatic Control System. (with Matlah Programs)

10.Tewari.K.K  - Electricity and Magnetism.

11. Gupta.J.B - A Course in Electrical Installation Estimating &Costing.



1 .             Negi. Jagmohan Hospitality Management, Current Trend and  Practices.

2 .            Sexty. Robert.W               Canodian Business and Society . Ethnics & Responsibility 1st .ed.

3 .             Hall. StephenS.J Ethnic in Hospitality Management A. book of Readings.

4 .             Brake Terence   Successful Manager Handbook

5 .             Jagmohan Negi Food and Beverages Service Operation

6 .             Negi. Jagmohan Fundamentals of Culinary art (Theory and Practice of Cooking)

7 .             Campbell Allexander      Country in the city Relaxed style For modern Living.

8.              Joseph. T.            Hotel and Resort Management.

9.              Bennion Marion                Introductory Foods 12th.ed. 

10.           Penninton A.      The theory of Hospitality & Catering

11.           Anderson.RO Hold.M     Changing the U.S Health Care System .(Key Issues in Health Service Services Policy and Management 3rd .ed.

12.           Andrews.S,         Introduction to Tourism & Hospitality Industry

13.           Negi. Jagmohan Housekeeping (Theory & Practice)

14.           Srivastava.          An Introduction to hotel Industry

15.           Baker. Sue           Principle of Hotel Front Office Operation 2nd ed.

16.          Golden –R.pat   Hotel Convention Sales Service, and Operations

17.           O’Connor.Peter                Using Computers in Hospitality. 2nd .ed.

18.           Wood. Roy. C     Organization Behaviour for Hospitality Management

19.           Angelo Rocco.M.              Hospitality Today. An Introduction. 6th .ed.

20.           Chauldhary         Tourism Marketing

21.           Chon Kye-sung  Welcome to Hospitality: an Introduction. 2nd .ed.

22.           Kotler. Philip.     Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism 5th .ed.

23.           Shone Anton      Successful Event Management: A Practical Hardbook.3rd .ed.

24.           Kadan. Rakesh   Housekeeping operations& Management for the Hospitality




1              Drave Vinayak.A               Cruise Tourism Management

2              Gaspar.logan        A Textbook of Event Management

3              Seth Pran Nath. An Introduction to Travel and Tourism

4              Yadav Kristina    Tourism administration and Management

5              Narasaiah Lakashim        Tourism and Development

6              Mehta Neeta     Hotel Management and Tourism

7              Joseph T.             World wise Tourism Destination

8              Thompson Neil. Regional Tourism

9              Joseph T.             Travel Agency management

10           Girish Revathy   Global Tourism Part II

11           Misra Siddhartha              Ecology and Tourism Development

12           Girish R.               Architectural Tourism

13           Singh.S Tourism Geography

14           Joseph T.             Hotel and Resort Management

15           Choudhary          Tourism Industry Today

16           Goeldner E.R      Tourism Principle, Practices, Philosophies 12th .ed.

17           Bence.Largen    Guide to Good Food

18           RanaVirender    Management Function and Behaviour In Tourism

19           Bhatia, A.K          Tourism Development Principle & Practice

20           Aroro, R.K            Banqueting and Catering Management

21           Chakravati B.K   Hotel and Hospitality Management

22           Choudhary .Y.    Event management in Tourism

23           Abbot. Peter      Front office: Procedure Social Skill Yield and Management

24           Aram Bassey      Economic of Tourism Development

25           Chakraiti              Hotel Management

26           Morrison Alastair M.       Hospitality and Travel Marketing 3rd ed.

27           Bowldin Glenn  Events Management 2nd ed.

28           See Sinny             Food & Wine Annual Cookbook and Entire Year of Recipes 2007

29           Kumar, Prateak Hospitality Management

30           Mantias, Parikshat           Sustainable Tourism Development

31           Chaturvedi Ashutash      Event Management A Professional & Developmental Approach

32           Zulfik, Mohammed          Introduction to Tourism and Hotel Industry

33           Yadav, Krishna   E- Tourism

34           Page, Stephen J.               Tourism: A Modern Synthesis

35           Lawnson, Fred   Hotels & Resorts, Planning, Design &


36           Rogers Tony       Conferences and Conventions. Aglobal Industry

37           Golden – Remero P.        Hotel Convention Sales, Services, and Operations

38           Murugan Annamalai       Event Tourism and Cross Cultural Communication

39           Iyengar, Anand Hotel Finance.

40           Bowen, John J.  Service and the ART OF HOPITALITY Creating a Dinning Experience 

41           Randall Jack        Agriculture Tourism

42           Carr David           Implication for Tourism Planning and Destination Management

43           Bhatia, A.K          The Business of Tourism: Concepts and Strategies

44           Bertsimas Dimitris            Data, Models, and Decisions, The Fundamentals of Management Science





                                                                  BUSINESS MANAGEMENT

1              Innocent C. Chukwu        Strategic Media Relations and Reputation Management

2              Lehman & Dufrene          Business Communication

3              John Murdoch and Will Hughes Construction Contracts Law and Management

4              D. Chandra Bose               Inventory Management

5              Kaser & Oelkers Sports and Entertainment Marketing

6              Hill/Jones            Micromatic Business Management Simulation

7              Lawrence Isung Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Nigeria

8              Stanley B. Block Foundations of Financial Management

                Geoffery A. Hirt

                Benrtley R. Denielson    

9              Gareth R. Jones,               Contemporary Management

                Jennifer M. George        

10           Berry J. Witcher &            Strategic Management Principles and Practice

                Uinh Sum Chau

11           Farhed Analou, and         Strategic Management in Small and Medium Enterprises

12           Roger G. Schroeder         Operations Management

13           Alan Price            Fundamentals of Human Resources Management

14           Thompson Caamble Strickand     Strategy

15           Ivencellich Matleson       Organizational Behavior and Management

16           Nilanjen Sengupa             Managing Change in Organizations

                Mousumi S. Bhatlacharya R.N    


17           P. Gopalakrishan              Materials Management

                M. Sundaresan

18           Wendell L. French            Organization Development

                Cecul H. Bell, Jr.

19           Mc. Craw-Hill     Essentials of Investment

20           G.A. Cole             Personnel and Human Resource Management

21           Rayeeu Roy        Entrepreneurship

22           Andrew J. Dubrim            Essentials of Management

23           Clements Gido  Effective Project Management

24           John A. Fossum Labor Relations

25           Abel & Imray      The Innovation Handbook

26           Stephen P. Robbins         Essentials of Organizational Behavior

27           David Knights and            Introducing Organizational Behaviour and Management Hugh Will Mott

28           Hughesi Ginnett; Curphy               Leadership

29           Jack R. Meredithi             Project Management

30           Lawrence Isung Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Nigeria

31           Dr. S.S. Upadhyay            Compensation Management

32           Stanley B. Block Foundations Financial Management

33           Mary Jane Byrd Small Business Management

34           David Buchanan &           Organizational Behaviour an Introductory Text      

35           Srinivas R. Kandula          Performance Management

36           Lan Beardwell and           Human Resource Management 

37           Barry J. Witcher &            Strategic Management Principle and Practice

38           Rosam L. Spiro   Management of a Sales Force

39           Ivencellich Matleson       Organizational Behaviour and Management

40           Bateman Snell   Management Competing in the New Era

41           Andrew J. Dubrin              Essentials of Management

42           Alix Adams          Law of Business Students

43           Michael D. Hutt &            Business Marketing Management        

44           Andrew Ghillyer               Business Ethics

45           George Manningikent Curtis       The Art of Leadership

46           Locker Finlay      Essentials of Business and Administrative Communication

47           Paul Bocu,           Business Information System

48           Stephen Taylor  Human Resource Management

49           Melissa A. Schilling           Strategic Management of Technological Innovation

50           Yogesh Mahesh Wari      Investment Management

51           Neo;Hollenbeck; Gerhart Wright               Fundamentals of human Resource Management

52           Engr. Jacob T. Adeosun Risk Management and Other Professions

53           Adniyi A. Adeniyi              Performance Management

54           Gareth R. Jones Contemporary Management

55           Noe Hollenbeck Hum\n Resources Management

56           Kinick / Williams                Management

57           Levy & Weitz      Circular City

58           Barry Berman & Retail Management

59           Dress Upadhyay               Compensation Management

60           Arun Kanda         Project Management

61           Srinivas R. Kandula          Performance Management

62           Samuel Thomas Security Analysis and Portfolio Management

63           Jack R. Meredith              Project Management    

64           Daniel Goleman Emotional Intelligence

65           Prof. Nnamdi Asika          Research Methodology

66           Michael D. Hutt &            Business Marketing Management         

67           Norman Msceurborough              Essentials of Entrepreneurship and Small Business

68           Bruce R. Barringer            Entrepreneurship

69           David knights     Organizational Behaviour Management

70           John Thompson Strategic Management

71           Samson Ogege  Entrepreneurship & Corporate Governance

72           Terry Lucey         Quantitative Techniques

73           Stephen P. Robbins         Organization Theory

74           David Knights and            Organization and Innovation

75           E Davies               Training Manager’s

76           Margaret J. Wheatley     Leadership and the New Science

77           Bradford D. Jordan          Fundamentals of Investments  

78           Bruce R. Barringer            Entrepreneurship Successfully Launching New Ventures

79           Marc H. Meyer  Entrepreneurship   

80           Derek Torrington              Human Resource Management

81           Dess Lumokin,   Strategic Management 

82           David M. Levine Business Statistics       

83           Bruce L. Bowerman         Business Statistics in Practice

84           Azhar Kazmi        Strategic Management and Business Policy

85           Chika Ezinwame Udechukwu      Facilities Management

86           Usha Kiran Rai    Export-Import and Logistics Management

87           Michael Armstrong         Armstrong’s Handbook of Management and Leadership

88           Samuel Thomas Security Analysis and Portfolo Management

89           Shirley Taylor     Model Business Letters, Emails

90           Bill Bolton and   The Entrepreneur In Focus        

91           Michael R. Czinkota         Global Business

92           David Knights     Organizational Behaviour Management

93           Boone & Kurtz   Contemporary Business

94           Esther Cameron &            Making Sense of Change Management

95           R. Panneerseluam           Research Methodology

96           Dr. Mark Saunders Philip, Lewis Research Methods for Business Students  

97           Michael Armstrong         Armstrong’s Handbook of Human Resource Management Government Practice

98                           Making Sense of





                                                                  ACCOUNTING DEPARTMENT

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Mahmood Shah &            E-Banking Management

                Steve Clarke      

2              M.W.E Glow and              Accounting Theory and Practice

                B Underdown   

3              Alnoor Bhimani Management and Cost Accounting

                Charles T. Horigren         

                Srikant in Dalar 

                George Foster  

4              Peter Walton and             Global Financial Accounting and Reporting Principles and Analysis

                Walter Arts        

5              Lorry E.Rihenbeng           Auditing Concepts for a Changing Environment

                Brodley J. Schwelger      

6              Thomas H. Becchy           Intermediate Accounting

7              Robert Half International Inc.      Clencoe Accounting

8              Raiborn Kinney Cost Accounting Principles

9              Horingren: Harrison Oliver           Accounting

10           Warren: Reeve: Duchac Corporate Financial Accounting

11           Ray Whittington               Principles of Auditing

12           Weygandti-Kieso Kimmel             Financial Accounting

13           Stickney Weil     Financial Accounting

14           N. Lalitha             Financial Inclusion in Rusal Areas

15           Uyuptakesh Sharan         International Financial Management

16           D. Chandra Bose               Financial Management

17           Padma Charan Dhal         Bank Management Theory & Practice

18           Richard A. Brealey            Principles of Corporate Finance

                Stewart C. Myers            

                Franklin Allen    

19           R. NArayanaswamy Spicel and Sepe Tomassini    Financial Accounting

21           Bhabatosh Banergee      Cost Accounting

22           William Hopwood            Forensic Accounting and Fraud Examination

23           Marleth Adeiza Financial Accounting made Easy

24           Asish K. Bhattackaryya   Principles and Practice of Cost Accounting

25           Inanga and Ajayi               Accounting

26           Alan C. Shapiro  Multinational Financial Management

27           Adeniyi A. Adeniyi           Management Accounting

28           Colin Drury          Cost and Management Accounting

29           Spicer and Pagler’s          Book-keeping and Accounts

30           Lain Gray &         The Audit Process

                Stuart Manson 

31           Warren Reeve Duchac   Financial & Managerial Accounting

32           Garrison Chesley              Managerial Accounting

33           Brenda M. Mallouk          Managerial Accounting

34           Richard I. Levin  Statistics for Management

35           Colin Drury          Management Accounting for Business

36           Anthony A. Atkinson       Management Accounting

37           Hennie Wan Grelling       International Financial Reporting Standards

38           M.I Jhingan         Economics of Development and Planning

39           Prince Gasmir Idekwulim              Tech Yourself IFRS

40           JR Dyson              Accounting for Non-Accounting Students

41           Marshall B. Romney        Accounting Information Systems

42           Ross: Westerfield             Essential of Corporate Finance

43           Leslie K. Bretner               Essential Accounting

44           Saliu, Kazeem Oluwashala            Financial Reporting

45           Ken W. Shaw      Fundamental Accounting Prinicples

46           Bhabatosh Benejee        Financial Policy and Management Accounting

47           Sumit Sethi         Cost Accounting

48           Shirin Rathore   International Accounting

49           Kola Olowookere             Fundamental of Auditing

50           Asish K. Bhattachvyya    Essential of Financial Accounting

51           Ravinder Kumar Auditing Principles and Practise

52           B.K Beriarjee      Financial Accounting

53           Terry Lucey         Costing

54           H. Randall            Accounting

55           Frank Wood       Business Accounting

56           Bhavesh Patel    Management Accounting

57           Swain, Albrecht Management Accounting

58           Garrison Norren               Managerial Accounting

59           Needles Powers Crosson              Financial & Managerial Accounting

60           Reeve / Warnen               Principles of Managerial Accounting

61           Charles T. Horingren       Cost Accounting

62           Phillips Libby Libby          Fundamental Financial Accounting

63           White Cotton     Managerial Accounting

64           Arthur J. Keown Personal Finance

65           Steven M. Bragg               IFRS Made Essay

66           R. Jayaprakash Reddy     Cost Accounting & Control Systems

67           Adeniyi A. Adeniyi           Cost Accounting a managerial Approach

68           R.J. Reddy           Dictionary of Accounting

69           CA (Dr) P.C Tulsian           Financial Management

70           Jonathan Berk   Fundamentals of Corporate Finance

71           Ahmed Rlahi-Belkaoul    Accounting Theory

72           I.M Pandey         Financial Management

73           Kleso – Weygandt            Intermediate Accounting

74           R.A Adams FCA  Public Sector Accounting and Finance

75           Robert O. Igben Financial Accounting

76           N.M. Singhill       Management Accounting

                Ruzbeh J. Bodhenwala  





                                                                 INSURANCE DEPARTMENT

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Engr. Jacob T. Adeosun Risk Management and Other Professions

2              J.A. Ofuya            Elements of Insurance

3              Paul Hopkin        Fundamentals of Risk Management

4              Mark S. Dorfman              Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance

5              Burton T. Bean Jr.             Fundamentals of Insurance for Financial Planning

6              Alice Anne Andress         Medical Insurance in a Flash

7              Mariln T. Fordney            Insurance Handbook for the Medical Office

8              Mark S. Dorfman              Introduction to Risk Management and Insurance

9              Tena B. Crews   Fundamentals of Insurance

10           Valerius-Bayes  Medical Insurance

11           Stephen P. Robbins&      Management

                Mary Coulter    

12           Rogar J. Gray and             Risk Modelling in General Insurance

                Susan M. Pitts   

13           Werbel Property & Casualty General Insurance Primer

14           MN Mishra S.B Mishra   Insurance Principles and Practice

15           Adegbemi F.O. Introduction to Marine Insurance

                Salaudeen T.O  

16           Augustine O. Isimoya      Introduction to Insurance

17           J.A Ofuya             Introduction to Insurance

18           J.A. Ofuya            Quantitative Method s

19           Jatinder Loomba               Risk Management and Insurance Planning

20           Obinna Chilekezi              Basic insurance Text

21           A.A Akolade       Principles and Practice of Life Assurance

23           Augustine Isimoya           Principles and Practice of Insurance

24           P.K Khanna         Insurance Marketing

25           Chioma Kanu Agomo      Modern Nigeria Law of Insurance

26           J.A Ofuya             Insurance Law

27           J.A Ofuya             Insurance Practice and Regulation

28           John Clark            International Dictionary of Insurance and Finance





                                                                      PUBLIC RELATION

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Larry D., Kelley and          Advertising Media Planning

                Donald W.          

2              R.K Sapru             Public Policy

3              Olufemi Onabayo Ph.D  Element and Practices of International Public Relations

4              Oluwasina Olumuyiwa   The basics Public Relations

5              Sunday O. Ajai   Public Relations in Marketing Education

6              Gerry Mc. Cusker             Public Relations Disasters

7              Ruchi Gupta       Advertising Principles

8              Karabi Bandy Opadyay   Mobile Commerce

9              Thomas H. Biuins              Public Relations Writing

10           Wells Burnett Moriarty  Advertising Principles and Practice

11           Bonnie L. Drewniary       Greative Strategy in Advertising

                A. Jarome Jewler             

12           O. Guinn/Allen/Semenik               Promo

13           Sandra Oliver     Public Relations Strategy

14           R. Abrar                Public Relation and Press






                                                             PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              James C. Udokangson & Political Ideas

                Olu Awofeso     

2              Augustus Adebayo          Principles and Practice of Public Administration

3              James E. Anderson          Public Policy Making

4              Jimenze Ego Alowes        Corruption in Africa

5              Robert B. Denherdt         Public Administration

6              Kitab Mahal        Public Administration

7              Robert A. Dible Ph.D       Public Administration

8              Augustine Ndukaeneanya            Comparative Public Administration and Public Policy

9              Anikeze Nnaemeka Hillary            Fundamentals of Public Financial Management

10           E.H Mc. Grath. S.J             Basic Managerial Skills for All

11           Pardeep Sahni Etakula Vayunandan         Administrative Theory

12           Rik Sapru             Administrative Theories and Management Thought

13           Grover Starling  Managing the Public Sector

14           Rumki Basu         Public Administration Concepts and Theories

15           Akpomuuire Mukoro      Human Resources Training and Development for The Civil Service in Nigeria

16           Princetion           Public Service Rules

17           Biodun Jimoh     Principle of Public Sector Accounting and Finance

18           Anikeze Nnaemeka Hiliary            Fundamentals of Public Financial Management

19           Sam C. Ugwu Ph.D           Introduction to Public Administration

20           Rumku Basu       Public Administration

21           Anikeze Nnaemeka Hiliary            Rudiments of Public Policy Analysis

22           Tausha Abraham              Women’s Writings in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

23           Ukene B. Ikpe    Political Behaviour and Electoral Politics in Nigeria

24           Aderonke Meje Kodunmi             Issues in Public Administration and Local Government

25           Emmanuel Ikechi Onah  Theory and Practice of Administration

26           Grower Starling                 Managing the Public Sector

27           Jay M. Shafritz   Public Administration

28           M.P Sharma B.L Sadaina Public Administration in Theory and Practice

29           Joseph Ikogho   Development of the Nigerian Constitution

30           E.H. Mc. Grath. S.J           Basic Managerial Skills for All

31           Emest Ochonma Ph.D     Procurement and Supply Chain Management

32           Peirdeep Sahni  Administration Theory

33           Tor Busch Alexander Heichlinger.              Public Management in the Twenty-First Century

34           Pardeen Sahni   Government for development

35           Auinask Chitale Organizational Behaviour

36           George T. Milkouich        Compensation

37           Anikeze, N.H      Basic Issues in Public Sector Management

                Ngowu, G.O      






S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              William J. Bound               Economics Micro Economics Principle and Policy

2              Alan S. Blunder Managerial Economics

3              D.N. Dwlnedi      Essentials of Economics

4              Damodar N. (ivjarati)      Basic Econometrics

                Dawn C. Proter 

                Sangeetha Dunaseka     

5              E. Maratana Man              Managerial Economics

                Nadar S. Uwatan             

6              Mc. Connel         Macro Economics

7              Micheal P. Toder              Economic Development

                Stephen C. Smith             

8              Nreteels/MC. Ttugh / Mc. Ttugh Understanding Business

9              Karalan/Morduch            Economics

10           A. Koutsoyiannis              Theory of Economic

11           Margeret Abiola Loto     Macro Economics and its Tools of Analysis

12           John Sloman       Economics (Seventh Edition)

                Allson Wride     

13           David Begg, Gianluigin    Economics (Tenth Edition)

                Stanley Fischer 

                Rudiger Dorunbusch      

14           Bradley R. Schiller            The Economy Today

15           Christian Arens,                Contemporary Adverts

                Williams Arens,

                Michael F. Weigod          

16           J.U Umo               Economics: An African Perspective

17           Robert H. Frank Micro Economics and Behaviours

18           Brandley R. Schiller          The Economy Today

19           Elizabeth Mays  Credit Risk Modelling Design & Application




                                                                 MASS COMMUNICATION

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Stanley Baran     Introduction of Mass Communication Media Literacy and Culture

2              Suman Kymar Kasturi     Social Media

                P. Bobby Vardhan           

3              M.K Waseem     Print Journalism

4              Joep Cornelissen              Corporate Communications Theory and Practice

5              Javed Shaikh      Communication Theory

6              James Curren     Media and Society

7              David Brordwell/ Kristin Thompson          An Introduction

8              David Croteav & Willien Hoynes Media Society

9              Robert L. Hilliard               Writing for Television, Radio and New Media

10           Pierre Boudieu  The Field of Culutural Production

11           Kingsley Nwadiuto Igwe                Issues and Themes Publishing

                Abdulganiy Okanla Ahmed          

12           DVR. Murthy      Development Journalism

13           Micheal Meyer The Bedfond Introduction to Literature: Reading, Thinking. Writing

14           Julia T. Wood     Communication in Our Lives

15           Gill Branston and              The Media Student’s Books

                Roy Stafford      

16           K.S.R. Menon     Style Book for Journalism and Writers

17           Godwin Esimokha            Intermediate News Writing and Reporting

18           Godwin Esimokha            Communication Theories Analysis and Application

19           Godwin Esimokha            Multimedia and Online Journalism, A Guide to Digital Reporting

20           K.M Shriwastava               Broadcast Journalism in the 21st Century

21           Dinesh Mathur VSM Winy Commander (Retal)    Mastering Interviews and Group Discussions

22           William Shakespeare      The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

23           K. John Babu      Media and Human Rights

24           Karin Wahi – Jorgensen The Handbooks of Journalism Students

                Thomas Hanitzsch           

25                           Steven A. Mark V.R.

26           Hyden / Jordan / Steinaver          Communication for Succes

27           Milan D. Meeske              Copywriting for the Electronic Media A Pratical Guide

28           Godmin A. Esimokha       Essential of Copy Editing in Mass Communication

29           Godwin A. Esimokka       Graphin Arts and Designs in Mass Communication

30           Sulaimon A. Osho             Media Audience and The Social Structure

31           Arthur Asa Berger            Seeing in Believing: An Introduction to Visual Communication

32           Adrian Davieson               Boko Haram and ite Suicide Squad

33           Vivek Tyagi          Crime Beat Selected Journalism

34           David Banks Mark Hanna              Essential Law for Journalists

35           John Hartley       The Politics of Pictures

36           Cecillia Friend and            Online Journalism Ethics

                Jane B. Singer   

37           Robert Trayer,   The Law of Journalism and Mass Communication

                Joseph Russomanno,     

                Susan Dente Ross            

38           Susan Tylaer East              Media Programming

                Douglas A. Ferguson      

39           Alan B. Ahbarran              Management of Electronic Media

40           John R. Bittner   Mass Communication an Introduction

41           Shirley Biagi        Media Impact An introduction to Mass Media

42           Dorothy A. Boweles        Creative Editing

                Diane L. Borden

43           Undy L. Griffin   Invitation to Public Speaking

44           Joep Comelissen               Corporate Communication Theory and Practice

45           The Rev. Samuel Johnson             The History of the Yorubas

46           David Park           Encylopaedia of Information Technology and Communication Science

47           Thomas J. Kuegler Jr.      Advertising and Marketing

48           Jola Ogunlusi      Nuj A History of Nigeria Press

49           Olufemi Onabajo Ph.D   Fundamentals of Broadcast Journalism

50           Stanley J. Baran.               Mass Communication Theory

                Dennis K. Davis 

51           Dr. N.D.V Prasada Rao    High School English Grammar & Composition

52           Godwin Esimokiha           Basic News Writing and Reporting

53           K.M Shrivastava Broadcast Journalism in the 21st Century

54           Godwin A. Estimokha     Critical Writing & Reviewing Writing Media Critique, Reviews, Critical Thinking

55           B.N Ewelukwa, Esq          Introduction to Nigerian Press Law

56           Frank Hargrave. Hargrave’s Communications Dictionary

57           Roger D. Wimmer            Mass Media Research An Introduction

                Joseph R. Dominick         

58           Rob Carter Ben Day Philip Meggs              Typographic Design Form and Communication

59           Richard Barsam Looking at Movies

                Dave Monahan

60           Carole Rich          Writing and Reporting News

61           Zettl       Television Production Handbook

62           Stephen E. Lucas               The Art of Public Speaking

63           Sonia Mahaja     Media Audience and the Social Structure

64           John Harhey       The politics of Pictures, The Creation of the Public in the Age of Popular Media

65           David Banks        Essential Law for Journalists

                Mark Hanna      

66           Authur Asa Berger           Seeing is Believing, An Introduction to Visual Communication

67           Dorothy A. Bowles           Creative and Editing

                Diane L. Borden

68           Shirley Biagi        Media Impact An Introduction to Mass Media

69           Cindy L. Griffin. Invitation to Public Speaking






S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              FWD M.A Abiola               Principles & Practice of Freight Forwarding in Nigeria

2              Sateyesh Singh  Transportation Engineering

3              Rangwala             Railway Engineering

4              Parths Charcroborty Animesh Das             Principles of Transportation Engineering

5              Tim Deveaux     Health safety for Managers, Superviors and safety representatives

6              Roy Brooks.        Maintenance and Repair of Road Vehicle

                Jack Hirst            

                John Whipp       

7              Maclillian             Macmillian Encyclopedia of Transportation

8              Coyle Novack     Transportation A Supply Chain Perspective

                Gideon Bardi     

9              Bamigbola T. Adelayo     The Practice of Shipping Operations

10           Dr. L.R. Kadiyali Traffic Engineering and Transport Planning

11           John Hibbs          An Introduction to Transport Studies

12           John Hibbs          Transport Economics & Policy

13           Khana Publishers              Sustainable Urbar Transport & System

14           Nicholas J. Garber            Traffic & Highway Engineering

                Lester A. Hoel   

15           Prof. Jin Wang   Design for Safety of Marine and Offshore Systems

                Dr. Vladimir Trbojevic   

16           Rex W. Faurs      International Transport

17           B.L Gupta            Roads Railways Bridges, Tunnels & Harbour Dock Engineering

18           Dr. L.A Kadyali   Principles and Practice of Highway Engineering

                Dr. N.B. Lai         

19           Don L. Dykstra Bsc. Msc. MNi      Commercial Management in Shipping






S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Michael Mark    Contemporary Music Education

                Patrick Medira  

2              Tim Crich             Recording Tips for Engineers for Clearing Brighter Tracts

3              Jeff Todd Titon  Worlds of Music, An Introduction to the Music of the World’s Peoples

                General Editor, Linda     

                K. Fujie David Luoere     

                David P. Mc Allester       

                David B. Reck    

                John M. Schechter R.     

                Anderson Sutton             

4              Silver Burdett    Marketing Music

5              Holt Rinehart and Winstor Publishers      Music

6              Silver Burdett & Ginn      World of Music

7              Stean Kosttca     Tonal Harmony with an Introduction to Twentieth Century Music

                Dorothy Payne 

8              Sharon Parsons Instrument Families

9              Douglas Self       Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook

10           David Miles Huber           Modern Redording Techniques

                Robert E. Runsten           

11           Anthony Mereni               Music Therapy in Medical History

12           Kihabyr Fasasi    Spells of Solemn Songs

13           K.E Anaekwe     Heart Therapy Living Physics Life = Matter in Motion in Light

14           Anthony Moreni               Theory of African Music Polyohonic Types & Usage

15           John Oluwagbenga Ajewole PhD               Foundation of Instrumental and Vocal Ensemble Music

16           Lucy Uzoma Ekwueme   A Basic Guide to Music Appreciation

17           Sheyi Kehnny     Music Theory Facts, Question and Answers

18           D. Sheyi Kehnny               Essays on the Model of Music

19           Lincoln Kirstein Dance A Short History of Classic Theatrical Dancing

20           Douglas Self       Audio Power Amplifier Design Handbook

21           Alan Brown & Jakie Jackson         Scales and Modes Easy to read- Easy to Play for Every Instrument

22           Roger Cawkwell Recorder My First Music Easy to Read. Easy to Play Beginners to Intermediate

23           Anthony Mereni               Polyphonic Types & Usages

24           Bill Gibson          Becoming a Successful Producer / Engineer

25           David Ewen        Great Men of American Popular Song

26           Stanley R. Alten Audio in Media

27           Willian Missouri                The Art of Theatre Then and Now

                Downs Lou Anne Wright               

                Erik Ramsey      

28           Dr. Kuldip Kumar              Music Education and Psychology of Music

29           Terry Burrows   K.I.S.S Guide to Playing Guitar




                                                                        AGRIC SCIENCE

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Jagdish Prasad   Poultry Production and Management

2              S.R. Reddy           Principles of Crop Production

                C. Nagamani      

3              Samon Olajuwon              Agricultural Production Economics

                Olayide Ph.D Eari             

                Orel Heady Ph.D D.Sc    

4              Robert Jehinys  Organic Dairying and Intergrated Agriculture

5              Dr. Ram Prakash Verma Meat Poultry and Fish Technology

6              Guru Sharman Das           Irrigation and Drinage

7              Brain Toker         Redesigning Life The World Wide Challenge to Genetic Engineering

8              Michael J. Eden and        Land Degradation in the Tropics Environmental and Policy Issues

                John T. Party     

9              Kaltani  Agriculture insect pests of drops and their control

10           S.K Chauhan, Golden Anderson Aquatic Entomology

11           Henry V. Artherton         Chemistry and testing of dairy products

                 J.A. Newlander

12           Digumart Bhaska RAO    Aquaculture

13           Ahinndra Nag     Aquaculture Biotechnology

14           Pawan Kumar    Agro-Forestry and climate change

                Bharif Narayan Singh     

15           Pawan Patha Naik            Gene conservation of forest trees

16           Renuka Sharma Fertilizers and Manures

17           Abolade Isaac Agboola   Agricultural Finance: A practical guide for Lenders and Entrepreneurs

18           B.D. Singh            Plant Biotechnology

19           A.C. Broadway   Agric-Business Management

                Arif. A. Broadway            

20           D.P Tripathi         Crop Diseases

21           M. Sudhir            Forest Biotechnology

22           Vikram Sharma Agricultural Finance and Management

23           Anant Mistra      Agricultural Marketing

24           Amalendu Bhattachar    An Introduction to Agro-Forestry

25           P. mala Agricultural Economics

26           Giriraj Prajapati Poultry Management

27           Louis K. Strasbourg          Agricultural Business Management

28           Apoorva Karanth              Agricultural Pest Management

29           Devashish Kar    Research Frontier in Wetland Fishery and Aquaculture

30           Rajaram Choyal Bio-Fertilizers and Bio-Pesticides

31           Dhananjay Dwiivedi        Crop Disease Managemebt Principles and Practices

32           Neha Charan      Assessment of Fish Quality

33           Barun Guha        Crop Nutrition Principles and Practices

34           J. Hansi Rani Mall              Animal Husbandry Diarying and Fishery

35           R.K Gupta            Fundamentals of ICHTHYOLOGY

                S.K Guhlawat    

                N.K Yadava         

                K.L Jain

36           Tashaswi              Beekeeping: A Comprehensive Guide Bees and Beeskeeping

37           Manas Malhotra               TAXONOMY

                Susheela M. Das              

38           M.A Khan            Water Resources Management and Sustainable Agriculture

39           John Alocock      Animal Behaviour





                                                                             ART AND DESIGN

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Alfxw White       The Element of Graphics Design

2              Kristen Pederson Marstaller        Harcourt Art Everwhere

3              Eldon Katter and Marilyn G. Stewart        Art: A Global Pursuit

4              Svein Arne Jessen            Business by Projects

5              David Whitwread             The Design Manual

6              Herbert Zetti      Video Basics

7              Kari Pulli, Tom Aarmo     Mobile 3D Graphics

8              Dave Cross          Illustrator CS Killer

9              Micheal Langford             Basic Photography

10           Christie Mc Donald          Painting my World: The Art of Dorothy Elsner

11           Mike Ashby and Kara Johnson    Material and Design

12           Mary Wolfe        The World of Fashion Merchandising

13           Eldon Katter and Marilyn G. Stewart        Art: A Community Connection

14           Sara J. Kadolph  Jextiles

15           Kathleen S. Uerderbe     Communicate

16           Jason Busby, Michael Bousquet Mastering the Art of Production with 3D Max4

17           IAN Chilvers        The Oxford Dictionary of Art

18           Dick Powell         Presentation Techniques

19           David D. Busch  Mastering Digital SLR Photography

20           David Santiago  Creating 3D Effects

21           Frank Thissen    Screen Design Manual

22           Tereza Flaxman Maya Character Modeling and Animation

23           John G. Blair       Digital Photography

24           M.K. Singh           Textile Management at Home

25           Anupama Awasthi           Textile and Laundary

26           Evin Manning     Portrait and Candid Photography

27           N. Gokeneshan Fabric Structure and Design

28           Aftab Ahmed Khan          Fabric Formation

29           Holt Rinehart and Winston           Holt World History

30           David A. Laver, Stephen Pantak Design Basics

31           Fred S. Kleiner   Gardner’s Art Through the Ages

32           Freed C. Jandt    Intercultural Communication

33           Michael Robinson            Art and Craft

                Foreword David Rudd    

34           Davis Blythe       Advanced Graphic Programming Using OpenGL

35           Michael Langford             Advance Photography

36           Madhulika Parmar           Textile Book Finishing

37           Clifton G. Overhoker      Chemical Processing of Textiles

38           Chris Middleton and Luke Herriot              Instant Graphics

39           Mark Clarkson   Photoshop Elements by Example

40           Leslie Alsheimer               Black and White in Photoshop CS3 and Photoshop Lightroom

41           Donald Treadwell             Introducing communication Research

42           Thames and Hudson       Icons of Graphic Design

43           Jochen Schiller   Mobile Communications




                                                                       BUILDING DEPARTMENT

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              P.C Varghese     Building Construction

2              J. Knight and P. Jones     Building Services

3              Dr. Sadhu Singh Strength of Materials

4              Roy Clindley and Roger Green    Building Construction Handbook

5              V.K Jain Green Building Manual on Making Energy Efficient

6              V.K Jain Building and Integrated Building Management System

7              Harold J. Rafson and Robert N. Rafson    Brown fields

8              Dave Ogershak and Richard Pray               2007 National Construction Estimator

9              Daniel L. Schodek             Structure s

10           Ivor H. Seeley and Roger Winfield             Building Quantities Explained

11           Robert L. Penrifoy and William B. Ledbetter         Construction Planning, Equipment and Method

12           Stephen Emmitt and Christopher A. Gorse            Barn’s Introduction to Construction of building

13           Gurcharan Singh               Building Materials

14           S. Kaleem, A. Zaidi and Suhail Siddiqui     Drawing and Design of Residential and Commercial Building

15           Gurcharan Singh and Jugdish Singh           Building, Planning, Designing and Scheduling

16           John L. Feirer and Gilbert R. Hitching        Carpentry and Building Construction




S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Kavita Singh        Counseling skills for Managers

2              David G. Myers Social Psychology

3              Michael W. Passier and Ronald E. Smith Psychology (The Science of Mind and Behaviour)

4              Peter Gray          Psychology

5              David G. Myers Explaining Psychology

6              Saundra K. Ciccarelli and J. Noland White              Psychology

7              Saundra K. Ciccarelli and Glenn E. Meyer               Psychology

8              James T. Enns    The Thinking Eye, The seeing Brain

9              Ed. By Donald Pennington            Introducing Psychology

10           David G. Myers Explaining Psychology





S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              George Ritzer and Jeffrey Stepnisky         Sociological Theory

2              Robert J. Bryn    New Society (Sociology for the 21st Century)

3              Henry L. Tischier               Introduction to Sociology

4              James M. Henslin             Sociology: A down to Earth Approach

5              Croatean/Hoynes            Experience Sociology

6              Richard T. Schaefer         Sociology: A Brief Introduction

7              Richard T. Schaefer         Sociology: A Brief Introduction (Audio Abridgement CD set for Study and Review)

8              Diana Kendall     Sociology in Our Time

9              Angelo Kinicki/ Robert Kreitner  Organizational Behaviour? Key Concepts, Skills & Best Practices

10           Collins   Sociology: Themes & Perspectives

11           Pranjbaert Rastle             Historical and Conceptual Issues in Psychology

12           Hodder & Stonghton      Introducing Psychology

13           Asha Kaul/ Manjari Singh              New Paradigm for Gender Inclusivity

14           Gerard O. Donnell            Mastering Sociology





S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Roberts S. Holsman         Encyclopedia of Estate Planning

2              Chika Ezinwanne Udechukwu     Introduction and Principle of Valuation

3              Chika Ezinwanne Udechukwu     Professional Practice for Real estate Professionals

4              Theron R. Nelson/ Thomas A. Pottee       Real Estate Law: Concepts and Applications

5              Peter J. Graham & Ray Ward       Public Assembly Facility Management: Principles and Practices

6              Duncan Hughes Asset Management in Theory and Practice

7              Jack P. Friedman, Jack C. Harris & Barry A. Diskin                Real Estate Handbook

8              Mark B. Weiss & Dan Baldwin     Landlording & Property Management

9              Eric Shapiro, David Mackmin & Gary Sams             Modern Method of Valuation

10           Denise L. Evans & O. William Evans          Real Estate Encyclopedia

11           Chika Ezinwanne Udechukwu     Professional Practices for Real Estate Professionals

12           S.O Thomas        Mortgage Lending in Nigeria

13           Julian Potts         Vat in Property & Construction

14           Eric Shapiro, David Mackmin & Gary Sams             Modern Method of Valuation

15           David O. Ling & Wayne R. Archer               Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach

16           Peter Malpass & Alan Murrie      Housing Policy and Practice

17           Nigel Enever & David Isaac           The Valuation of Property Investment

18           Olusola Johnson & Chika Udechukwu     Real Property Management

19           Michael C. Thomsett      The Real Estate Investor’s Pocket Calculator

20           Peter C. Nwankwo          Managing Property in Nigeria

21           Thomas E. Coronato & Helen Coronato   The Only Real Estate Investing Book You’ll Ever Need

22           Andrew Banm   Commercial Real Estate Investment

23           Paul Torrisi          The Apprentice Property Master

24           Rajini Chondhary              Asset Management

25           Robert Kiyosaki The Real Book of Real Estate

26           John F. McDonald & David P. McMillen   Urban Economics and Real Estate, Theory & Policy

27           N.B. Udoekanem             Professional Practice in Estate Surveying & Valuation




                                                              WELDING AND FABRICATION

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Dr. R.S. Parmar  Welding Processes & Technology

2              G.R. Nagpal         Tool Engineering & Design

3              Ethirajan Rathakisham   Gas Dynamics

4              P.C. Angelo & R. Subramanian    Powder Metallurgy

5              Mc Graw Hill       The Mechanical Design process

6              Olumuyiwa Awe               Basic Element in Foundry Practice

7              Dr. R.H. Tupkary & V.R Tupkary  An Introduction to Modern steel Making

8              G.D. Gary             A Textbook of Welding Technology

9              Dr. S.P. Tewani & S.A. Rizui           Advanced Welding Technology

10           Mars G. Fortana                Corrosion Engineering

11           S.K. Gary              Workshop Technology (Manufacturing Processes)

12           R.C. Mishra Simant          Mechanical System Design

13           Dr. K.K. Tewani  Electricity and Magnetism

14           Baldeu Raj, V. Shankar & A.K. Bhadin       Welding Technology for Engineers

15           C. Thomas Olive Fundamentals of Machine Tool Technology and Manufacturing Processes

16           Stephen A. Campbell      The Science and Engineering of Microelectronics Fabrication

17           Robert E. Reed-Hill & Reza Abberchain   Physical Metallurgy Principles

18           Brian J. Thomson              Design and Fabrication of Acousto-Optic Devices

19           William L. Lugben            Process, Modeling, Simulations and Control for Chemical Engineering

20           Stoeckhert/Mennig        Mold-making Handbook

21           Charles A. Harper             Electronic Assembly Fabrication

22           B.C. Aggarwal & S.P. Jain               Metallurgical Analysis

23           A.K. Chakrabarti                Steel Making

24           Baha Abwanaga Slurry Systems Handbook

25           J.K. Gupta            A Textbook of Workshop Technology





S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              A.A. Dunmade   Nigeria’s New Personal Income Tax

2              Olalekan Soyode & Sunday O. Kajola        Taxation Principle and Practice in Nigeria

3              James Adebisi Ariwodola              Personal Taxation in Nigeria

4              K.A. Ishola           Taxation Principles & Fiscal poly in Nigeria

5              Allison Aspin & Keith Gordon      British Tax Guide: Capital Gain Tax

6              B.B. Lail Income Tax

7              Seyi Ojo                Fundamental Principles of Nigerian Tax

8              Henrietta O. Otokunefor              Nigerian Petroleum Industry; Policies & Conflict Relations

9              Shelaph Pearce & Stephen Taylor              British Tax Guide: Value Added Tax

10           Olaitan Emmanuella Soyingbe    Withholding Tax: A Method of Collecting Taxes

11           Adebayo Olagunju           Dictionary of taxation & Public Finance

12           William A. Raabe, Gerald E. Whittenbury & Debra L. Sanders        Federal Tax Research




                                                   LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SCIENCE

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Olu Olat Lawal   Library Information Practice and Education in Nigeria

2              Aashi Malviya    Paradise Dictionary of Library and Information Science

3              Kanwer Pal Singh              Development of Library Management

4              Omesh Aadhavan            Development of Digital Library

5              M. RAM               Library Use and User Research

6              Shailja Shukla     Library Organization

7              Deanna B. Marchum and Gerald George Digital Library Development

8              Thomas R. Kochtanek     Library Information Systems

9              S. Dhanavandan,              Facets or Library Management

                L. Asokan            

10           Mahender Singh Saharan              Collection Management in Academic Libraries

11           Deepak Kumar  Library Administration and Staff Training

12           R.C. Mishra         School Administration and Organization

13           Dr. J.K. Mishra   Knowledge Management

14           S. Dhanavandan               Enriching ICT in Academic Libraries

15           B.J. Ankuya         Library Science and Information Technology

16           Sailja Shukla       Handbook of Library Classification

17           Dombro L. Davies             Library and Information Science

18           Mahender Singh Saharan              Acquisition and Collection Development in Library Science

19           Mahender Singh Saharan              Academic Library System

20           Deepak Kumar  Library Organization

21           M. RAM               Assessment of Digital Librarianship

22           Frances H. Arnold             Directed Evolutoin Library Creation

                George Georgion            

23           Mange RAM       Theoretical and Methodological Phases in Modern Librarianship

24           M. RAM               Modern Librarianship Ushering in Digital Library

25           Dr. Sharnendra Harit       Abstracting Practices in Libraries

26           Hasnain Qureshi               Principles and Practices of Library Science

27           Salek Chand        Library Indexing and Abstracting

28           Girja Kumar, Krishan Kumar         Theory of Cataloguing

29           Dr. Krishan Pal Singh       Library Services in Electronic Environment

30           Ramesh JHA       Digital Libraries

31           Dr. Banwari Lai  Library and Multimedia Resources

32           Steinfeld Bagley Library Information Systems and E-Jornal Archiving

33           G.Edward Evans,              Developing Library and Information Center Collections

                Margaret Zanosky Saponaro       

34           Keith Hagan        The Complete Pattern Library

35           Mona L. Scott    Dewey Decimal Classification

36           Stella Keenan, Colin Johnston     Concise Distionary of Library and Information Science

37           John Carlo Berrtot and   Planning and Evaluating Library Networked Services and Resources

                Denise M. Davis

38           M.RAM Library Book Selection

39           Deanna B. Marcum          Development of Digital Libraries

40           Bruse A. Shuman              Case Studies in Library Security

41           Danny P. Wallace,            Library Evaluation

                Connie Van Fleet             

42           Anne Goulding  Managing Change for Library Support Staff

43           Mahender Sings Saharan              Library Automation

44           Jan Lacina & Cecilia Silva               Cases of Literacy Teachers

45           Neelesh Kashyap             Library Administration Practices in Its Current Development

46           G. Visvanathan  E- Learning and ICT in Distance Education

                S.K. Panneer Selvan       

47           Purushothan Tiwari         Information Technology and Libraries

48           Pankaj Kumar Singh         Glossary of Library and Information Science




                                                                   OFFICE TECHNOLOGY

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Read Ginn           Records Management

2              Merrian Welster’s           Secretarial Handbok

3              Gary Dessler       Managing Organizations

4              Hoggatt Shank   Computer Applications and Keyboarding





S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Ranvijay Singh   Encyclopedia of Food Microbiology and Food – Fermentation Biotechnology

2              Acapppella Angell            Britannica Global Edition

3              Angelo Azerbaijani          Britannica Global Edition

4              Azevedo Bavran Britannica Global Edition

5              Bhutia Budiutomo           Britannica Global Edition

6              Buentretroware Britannica Global Edition

                Contaur Object

7              Contaurer Goleman        Britannica Global Edition

8              Colenjo Daigak Couksa   Britannica Global Edition

9              Daigo Drongo     Britannica Global Edition

10           Droseracea Estienne       Britannica Global Edition

11           Estonia Franciendiacect Britannica Global Edition

12           Framcu I. Gussant            Britannica Global Edition

13           Global Warnning Hanbhadra       Britannica Global Edition

14           Harihara High River         Britannica Global Edition

15           Hungo Israels     Britannica Global Edition

16           Israfi Katyn Massacre     Britannica Global Edition

17           Katz Zefuel         Britannica Global Edition

18           Leg Mackinuroo Britannica Global Edition

19           Maclaurin Mendelism    Britannica Global Edition

20           Mendelsohn Mtshali      Britannica Global Edition

21           Muallaqat Normandy     Britannica Global Edition

22           Normandy Inuasion Parameters Britannica Global Edition

23           Paramita Poincare           Britannica Global Edition

24           Poinsett Raymond           Britannica Global Edition

25           Raymond Syndrome Saint            Britannica Global Edition


26           Saint-Simon Shishakli      Britannica Global Edition

27           Saiva Sternum   Britannica Global Edition

28           Steroid Tharkerry             Britannica Global Edition

29           Unon Warning States     Britannica Global Edition

30           Warsaw Zymogen            Britannica Global Edition




                                                              ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              J.B Gupta             A Course in Electrical Installation Estimating and Costing

2              R. Kumar              Electronics Engineering

3              Er. V.K. Jain         High Rise Building Complexes

4              J.P. Srivastava    Elements of Solid State Physics

5              John Bird              Basic Engineering Mathematics

6              P.S Gill   Engineering Graphics and Drafting

7              B.L. Theraja         Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering and Electronics

8              A.J Walkins, C. Kitcher    Electrical Installation Calculations

9              M.S Naidn           Introduction to Electrical Engineering

                S. Kamakshaiah

10           David A. Bell       Electric Circuits

11           Stephen J. Chapman       Electric Machinery Fundamentals

12           Balbir Kunal        Electronic Devices and Circuits

13           Prof. Sunil S. Rae              Utilization, Generation and Conservation of Electrical Energy

14           Richard C. Durf  The Engineering Handbook

15           David J. Griffiths               Introduction to Electrodynamics

16           Robert L. Boylestad         Introductory Circuit Analysis

17           J.O Paddock        Electrical Principles for Installation and Crart Studies

                R.A.W. Galvin    

18           J.P Srivastava     Solid State Physics

19           Braja M. Das       Principles of Foundation Engineering

20           M. Morris Mano               Digital Design

21           Er. V.K. Jain         Design of Electrical Installations

22           Er. Amitabh Bajaj             Engineering Economic Analysis

23           Ravi Kumar         Signals and Systems

24           Sanjit K. Mitra    Digital Signal Processing

25           Smarajit Ghosh Fundamental of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

26           S. PAO  Testing Commissioning Operation and Mentenance of Electrical Equipment

27           J.B Gupta             A Course in Power Systems

28           George Kennedy              Kennedy’s Electronics Communication System

                Bernerd Davis   

                S.R.M Prasanna

29           Stephen L. Herman          Electricity and Controls for HVAC/R

                Bennie L. Sparkman       

30           B.N. Sarkar          Advanced Control Systems

31           Brain Scaddan   Wiring Systems and Fault Finding

32           A.Anand Kumar Signals and Systems

33           Rvsell L. Meade Foundations of Electronics: Circuits and Devices

34           I.J. Nagrath         Electronics: Analog and Digital

35           T.S. Swaminathan            Theory of \Power Cable Accessories, Cable Installation and Testing

36           J.B Gupta             A Course in Power Systems

37           Dr. S.L. Uppal     Electrical Power Systems

38           Gerald J. Thuesen            Engineering Economy

                W.J. Fabrycky   

39           Giorgio Rizzoni  Principles and Applications or Electrical Engineering

40           Fulton Calkins Stulz         Procedures and Theory for Administrative Professionals

41           Sandra / Smith  Microelectronic Circuits

42           Donald Neamen               An Introduction to Semiconductor Devices

43           Behzad Razavi    Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits

44           Alexander Sadiku             Fundamentals of Electric Circuit





S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Marcia Reiss       Architectural Details

2              D.M. Field            The World’s Greatest Architecture

3              Susan Sully          Charleston

4              MorkFintel          Handbook Of Concrete Engineering

5              Kathleen Norris Brenzel Western Landscaping

6              Oliver Burston   Careers In Architecture

7              Robert W. Gill    Rendering With Pen And Ink

8              Patrick Nuttgens Richard Western            Architecture

9              Jane Rendell Bar               Gender Space Architecture

10           James Steele      An Architecture for People

11           Thomas W. Schaller         Architecture in Water Colour

12           Geoffery London             Houses For the 21st Century

13           Mark Huth          Residential Construction Academy Basic Principles for Construction

14           James Steele      An Architecture for People

15           Edited by Quentin Pickard            The Architects Handbooks

16           Paul MC Gillick   Sydney Architecture

17           Charlotte Baden                Architect’s Pocket Book

                Powell Ann Ross              

18           F. Rosemary Riggs            Interior Architecture

19           MarceBussagii   Understanding Architecture

20           Paul Mc. Gillick  Sydney Architecture

                Patrick Bingham-Hall      

21                           Architectural Precast Concrete

22           Willey-Blackwell               Neufert Architect’s Data

23           Mary Hou Bakker             Space Planning for Commercial Office Interiors

24           Asia        Interior Spaces

25           W. Oren Parker Scene Design and Stage Lighting

                R. Craig Wolt     

                Dick Block           

26           Jackson J. Spielvoged     Western Civilization A Brief History

27           Pracast/Prestressed Concrete Institute Architectural Precast Concrete Color & Texture Selection Guide

28           Jane Rendell Barbara      Gender Space Architecture, An Interdisciplinary Introduction

                Penner& Lain Borden    

29           Stephen Emmitt               Architectural Technology

30           Robert W. Gill    Rendering With Pen & Ink Revised & Enlarged Edition

31           Stephen D. Bard                Systems Architecture

32           Christine M. Piotrowski Professional Practice for Interior Designers

33           Barry Berkins     Architecture, Art, Parallels, Connections

34           Quentin Pickard The Architect’s Handbook

35           George H. Marcus            Masters of Modern Design: A Ethical Assessment

36           Robins Landa     Graphic Design Solutions

37           Dr. Lakshay Gupta           Building Materials & Construction

38           Wiley-Blackwell Neufert Architect’s Data

39           Sarah Simblet    The Drawing Book

40           Jamice Anderson             The Enajchopedia of North American Architecture

41           Scott J. Tilden    Architecture for Art American Art Museums 1930-2008

42           Philip Johson     The Architecture of Philip Johnson


43           ChristoperThomaton&  Artificial Intelligence Strategies, Application & Models Through Search

                Benedict Dr. Bonlay        

44           Satish C. Ailawadi,            Logistics Management

                Rakesh P. Singh

45           Ark. Sriuastaua, Strength of Materials

                P.C. Gope           

46           K. Raja Rajeswari              Signals & Systems

                B. Ilisuesuara Ron            

47           Richard Francis Facility Layout & Location An Analytical Approach

                Leon F. McGinnis             

                John A. White   





                                                                  QUANTITY SURVEYING

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Thomas A. Ashaolu          Property Valuation Theory and Practice

2              Thomas A. Ashaolu         

3              W. Bolton            Instrumentation & Measurement

4              P.K Guha              Quantity Surveying

5              Sandra Lee,        Willis’s Elements of Quantity Surveying

                William Trech,  

                Andrew Willis    

6              R. Agor A Textbook of Surveying and Leveling

7              Carl S. Warren   Survey of Accounting

8              Ivor H. Sedey     Quantity Surveying Practice

9              Newpro Quants Consultants       New Comprehensive Construction Cost book

10           George Ritzer,   Sociological Theory

                Jeffery Stepnisky             

11           S. Chand              Plane Surveying

12           ArijitChaudhuri Essentials of Survey Sampling

13           Jerry Nothanson,             Surveying fundamentals and practices

                Michael T.          

                Lanzafama, Philip Kissam             

14           Shagufta              Geographic Information System

15           William Norton Human Geography

16           S.S Bhavikatti     Surveying and Leveling

17           Dr. B.C. Punmila                Surveying

18           James R. Wishing,            Introductory Surveying

                Roy H. Wire Shing           

19           Dagoge M.J Fubara,        Fundamentals of Geodesy

                Francis A. Fajemirokun,

                Christian U. Ezeigbo       

20           S.K Roy Fundamentals of Surveying

21           Dr. Sunil Gorg    Geotectonics and Geomorphology

22           Chermicoff         Essentials of Geology

23           Bannister Baker Solving Problems in Surveying

24           T.G. Palanivelu, Wireless and Medile Communication

                R. Nekkeeran   

25           Allan Ashworth and         Cost Studies of Building


26           Shivsharan Sharma          Geotehnical Earthquake Engineering

27           Dr. R. Valdyanathan        Structural Analysis

                Dr. P Perumal   

28           P.C. Varghese    Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design





S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Dan Agbese        Ibrahim Babangida The Military, Politics and Power in Nigeria

2              Austin MaroEmielu          Nigerian Highlife Music

3              Victor B. E Abia Contemporary Issues in International Relations

4              Michael Shermer             The Mind of the Market

5              Dr. Joseph G. Johnson    Introduction to Psychology

6              Brain Fagan        The Long Summer

7              CS Ola   Company law in a Nutshell

8              CliutonVranta    The Nigeria Labour Movement

9              OlusegunObasanjo         My Compound

10           John Lewis Gaddis           The Cold War

11           M.H Abrams Geoffery Galt Harpham       A Glossary of Literary Terms

12           Emmanuel ikechiOuah   Public Personnel Management and Administrative Practice in Nigeria

13           MaziMbati C.C   Politics and Law in Africa

14           RemiAnifowose&             Element Op Politics

                Francis Enemuo

15           Betty Kirk Patrick              Correct Grammer Correct English

16           Hakeem B. Harumah       The political and Sociocultural Factors in the West African Slave Trade 1480-1897

17           SANCHITA BASU DAS.     Asean Economic Community Score card

18           Chuks P. Maduabum&   Introduction to organizational Behaviour

                Cecilia U. Gayaya             

19           Margaret A. Loto, Adebisi             Statistics made Easy

                A. Ademola and               

                Jacob A. Toluwase          

20           Akin Ibidapo-Obe            In the Public Interest a Study of the Legal Intervention of Femi Falana

21           NzeUcheUcheDhafia, PhD.           The Provenance, Source, Origin and Totem of Ohafia

22           Olubunmi F. Owoso,       The Manual of Food Analysis and Quality Control

                OmodeleAluko and        

                Oyeyemi I. Banjoko        

23           JideOlakanmi& Co.          The Rules of Courts

24           AdepojuAdelek, Ogundeji J.K. Ogundele and        Business Policy and Strategy

                Olufunke O. Oyenuga    

25           M. Chris Mason The strategic lessons Unlearned from Vietham, Iraq, and Afghanistani

26           B.D. Bundary, H. Mulholland       Pure Mathematics for Advanced Level

27           Nelson C.S. Ogbuanya    Essentials of Corporate Law Practice in Nigeria

28           Barnabas C. Okoro           Law of Employment in Nigeria

29           LovedayUzoauya             Principles of Modern Dynamic English Grammar

30           Abigail OdoziOgwezzy   A functional Approach to African Communication System

31           MscOkolo            Philosophy Contemporary Comcerus in Africa

32           Prof. OlusegunYerokun,                Landmark Cases and Essays in Honour of KehindeSofola, San, Co



33           Mashhud A. Fashola        Micro Economic Theory

34           James Tar Tsaaior.            Politics of the Past Colonial Text: Africa and Its Disporas

35           C.H. Leonard      The Concise Garay’s Anatomy

36           Augustine Nduka             Principles and practice of Public Personnel Administration in Nigeria

37           OlufemiOnabajo              Essentials of Media Relations 

38           Godson Dinneya               Political Economy of Democratization in Nigeria

39           Augustine O. Isimoya      Nigerian Business Environment An Introduction

40           AbiolaSannni&  Indirect Taxes in Nigeria


41           Mashhud A. Fashola        Microeconomic Theory

42           ChiomaKanuAgomo        Nigerian Employment and LabourRelations Law and Practice

43           Sir Basil Markesinis&      Engaging with Foreign Law

                Prof. JorgFedtke              

44           Akin Ibidapo-Oba             A Synthesis of African Law

45           Olakanmi& Co.  Criminal Procedure Laws

46           Akin Ibidapo-Obe            Essays on Human Rights Law in Nigeria

47           Y.A Olagunju      Entrepreneurship and Small Scale Business Enterprises Development in Nigeria

48           Sandra Oliver     Public Relations Strategy

49           Augustine UdukaEneanya            Policy Research, Analysis and Effective Policy-Making in Nigeria

50           OlusegunYerokun,           Landmark Cases and Essays in Honour of KehindeSofola Sam, Co.



51           Linton Uranta    The Odyssey of Management

52           O.A. Bamisaye& Democracy and Democratic Practice in Nigeria, Issues Challenges and Prospects


53           YinkaOmorogbe               Oil and Gas Law in Nigeria.

54           Abdul A.O. Gbadamosi   Theories and Concepts of Management, A Simplified Approach

55           SegunAderiye   Christian Diplomacy

56           AkindeleOlumedeko       Public Relations for Maximum Productivity

57           Ivor L. Miller       Voice of the Leopard

58           OlufemiOnabajo&           Emergence, Growth and Challenges of Films and Home Videos in Nigeria


59           EruestOjukwu& Introduction to Civil Procedure

                Chudi Nelson Ojukwu   

60           Holt Rinehart Winston   Elements of Literature

61           Hakeem B. Harunah        The Heritage of Our Pre-Colonial Cultural of Peace

62           Gilbert Kodilluye              An Introduction to Equity in Nigeria

63           B.O Eniaiyejumi Public Personnel Management in Nigeria Theory Practice

64           UkanaB.Ikpo      Introduction to Political Economy

65           UcheunaNwankwo         Strategy for Political Stability

66           JafarMatimuid   Child Psychology

67           EmekaChiamu   Law of securities for Bank Advances (Mortgage of Land)

68           E.K Ogundowole              Philosophy and logic

69           Augustine O. Isimoya      Nigerian Business Environment An Introduction

70           Arthur T. Coumbe            A History of U.S Army Officer Corp, 1900-1990

71           Johnson Chiri- Mulkey, cotton & Stanley                Microsoft office 2007 professional Edition student Manual, Alencoe, keyboarding with Computer application

72           Oluchukwu B. njojo         Introduction to Business Finance

73           AdepojuAdeleke              Marketing research techniques

74           Ayo Akinbobola Regionalism and Regional Influential

75           Henry D. sokolski              Underestimated: our not so0 peaceful nuclear Future

76           Henry D. Sokolski             Nuclear Weapon Materials Gone Missing: What Does History Teach

77           Jane Applegate The entrepreneur Desk references

78           Wes Cole’s          Healthy habit

79           Kathy J. Kobliski Advertising without An Agency made Easy

80           NmandiAsika     Research methodology in the behavior sciences

81           J.F Ade Ajayi&BastirIkara              Evolution of Political Culture in Nigeria

82           Francis C. Anyim,Ph.d    Industrial relation In Nigeria in the 21st century

83           Mashhud A. Fashola        Microeconomic Theory

84           RemiAnifowose&TundeBabawale             Nigeria Beyond 2007

85           Dr.Z.OIkokide    Import and Export Strategies in Global supply Chair.

86           TundeBabawale Nigeria in the Crises of Governance and development

87           Barnabas C. Okoro           Law of Employment in Nigeria

88           Nmamdi.Asika   Research Methodology in the Behavioral Science

89           Augustine NdukaEneanya            Principle and Practice of Public Personnel Administrator in Nigeria

90           John lewis Gaddis            The Cold War

91           O.A Bimisaye&OluAwofeso         Democracy and Democratic Practice in Nigeria, Issues, challenges and prospects

92           Godson Dinneya               Political Economy of Democratization in Nigeria

93           Olakanmi&co     Criminal Precedure Laws

94           Daniel Wajuihian              You can do business with your banker’s Money

95           AbiolaSanni&AfolabiElebiji           Indirect Taxes in Nigeria

96           Oil and Gas 2011               Oil and Gas laws in Nigeria

97           LovedayUzoanya             Principle of Modern Dynamic English Grammar

98           MichealAbiodunoni        Citizenship Education in Nigeria: Social & political Dimension

99           B.D Sunday&H.Mulholland          Pure mathematic for Advanced Level

100         A.B.K Dadzie&SegunAwonusi      Nigeria English Influences and Characteristics

101         An Elite Perspective        Baltic Democracy at the Crossroads

102         David.FDerosa   Defense of free Capital Markets

103         Ty Seidule, Jacqueline E. Whitt   Stand up and Fight

104         Walter Rodney  How Europe Under Developed Africa

105         Senator Ike Nwachukwu Norman A.         Contemporary Issues in International Relations

106         MartinazGuitiernez         Serving the Rule of International law

107         Christie Obyonyia            Blueprint For Sustainable Management and Utilization of Nigeria’s Bio resources

108         Greg Bruc            Six SIGMA for small Business

109         I.N Srivastua       Comparative political system

110         Robert M. May  Climate Change

111         Olufemi Onabanjo           Fundamentals Of Home Video Production

                Ritchard M. Bayo             

112         Dr.Z.O Ikokide   Import and Export Strategies in Global supply Chain  

113         Jbaac     Journal of the Black and African Arts and Civilization

114,.      Jbaac     Nigeria Journal of African Law

115         OluwoleAkinjayegu         Human and Applied Nutrition

116         Jefrey A. Hansen, AbdulaiTaiwo&Co:solicitor       Mastering business Carowth and Change Made Easy  

117         Co:solicitor          Establishing a business in Nigeria

118         J.W.DicksEse      The small Business Legal Kit& disk

119         I.N Scrivastava& H.R Mukhi          Political Science Theory

120         M.L JHingan        Advanced Economic Theory

121         ChiomaKanuAgomo        Nigerian Employment and Labour Relation Law and Practice

122         Solomon G.Anaeto, Olufemi S. Onabayo, James B.Osifeso             Model and theories of Communication

123         Roman Muzaleusky         Strategies Studies Institute

124         Alan R. Ackerman            Investing under Fire

125         Walter Rodney  How Europe Underdeveloped Africa

126         CS Ola   Company Law in a Nutshell

127         CY.O.Ikemefuna Management Theory & Practice

128         CY.O.Ikemefuna Unilag Journal of Politics

129         M.H.Jhingan       Advanced Economic theory

130         Theresa B.Abang              Handbook of Special education

131         LovedayUzoanya             Principle of Modern Dynamic English Grammar

132         Blessing foluso.A              Facts about the field of Education Technology

133         Blessing foluso.A              The British Journal of Criminology

134         NmandiAsika     Research Mothodolgy in the behavioral Science

135         Ivor I.  Miller       Voices of the leopard

136         AbiolaSanni        Introduction to Nigeria Legal Method 

137         Richard H. Popkin , Aurum Stroll Philosophy

138         R.S Khurmij.K Gupta        Refrigeration and Air Conditioning

139         Jain Mclean and AlistarirMcMillan             Concise Dictionary of Politics

140         Jimanz Ego Alowes          Economics Assassins

141         K.B Bhatia            Practical A.C and D.C Motor  Winding

142         SegunAderiye   Christian Diplomacy

143         Dr. R. Uaidyaanathan, Dr. P. Perumal       Structural Analysis

144         Clinton Urannta Art and Sciences of Industrial Relations

145         Frank J. Fabozzi Perspectives on Interest Rate Risk management for money manager and Trade





S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              G+I Ryder            Strength of Materials

2              G+I Ryder            Everyday Mathematics

3              Dr. R.VaIdyanathan and Dr.P. Perumal    Structural  Analysis 

4              Jane, Khedair& Michael Anderson            Successful Business plans

5              Solomon G. Anaeto, Olufemi S. Onabajo&James B. Osifeso           Models and Theories of Communication

6              Okonkwo and Naish        Criminal law in Nigeria

7              Clinton uranta   Art & Science of Industrial  Relations

8              AbigealOdoziOgwuezzy African Communication Systems

9              M.L Jhingan        Micro Economic Theory

10           CS Ola   Company law in a Nutshell

11           Brightalurger, Thomas Thiede     The International dimension  of law

12           Clinton uranta   The Odyssey of management

13           AdepojuAdelekeO.J.K.Ogundele& O.O Oyennga Business Policy and Strategy

14           Abigealodoziogwezzy     A functional Approach to African Communication System

15           NilaBanton Smith             American Reading Instruction

16           Mable Evwierhoma         Nigerian feminist Theatre

17           Joseph Heagney               Fundamentals of project Management

18           E.J Alagoa            Oral Tradition and Oral History In African and the Diaspora

19           J.D Murthy          Contemporary English Grammar

20           Methuselah Jeremiah, Mable Evwierhoma           Snapshots of the Female ethos

21           M.L. Jhingan       Advanced economic theory

22           AbdullahiTaiwo& co: solicitor      Establishing a Business in Nigeria

23           W.Chankkin, Renee Manbogine Blue ocean strategy

24           Holt Rinehant Winston  Element of Literature

25           Nigeria bar Association  Democracy Promotion Through the  cases

26           Ernest Ojukwu, Dudi Nelson Ojukwu       Introduction to Civil-Procedure

27           Dr. Micheal J. Fratantuions, Dr. David M.Sarcome, John Colwell Jr.             The U.S Indian Relationship

28                           Journal of Taxation and Economic Development

29                           50 Best Business ideas

30                           Securing Feaces

31                           Management Guidelines Development Disability

32           University of lagos           LARES-Lagos Review of English Studies

33           University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources             Commercial Cooling  of Fruit, Vegetables and Flowers

34           Milafreire and John Petersen with MercelaHuertas and MiiguelValadez   Subnational Capital Markets in Developing Countries

35           Centre for Black and Africa Arts and Civilization (CBAAC) Journal of the Black and African Art and Civilization

36           Erling S. Anderson, PetterGotschalk         Information Technology Management

37           Reza F.Safa         Inside Islam

38           Solomon O. Akinboye, FerdinardO.Ottoh.             A systematic Approach to Internate and Relations

39           Betty Kinkpartricks          Correct Grammar

40           Cottins  Improve Your Grammar

41           Franciws C. Anyim, Ph.D Industrial Relations In Nigeria

42           M.A Parker, F. Pickup     Engineering Drawing

43           M.K Jhingan        Advanced Economic Theory

44           Olakanmi& Co   Criminal Procedure Laws

45           Alenxandre A. Madiebo The Nigerian Revolution and the Biafran War

46           AbigealOdoziOgwuezzy A Functional Approach to African Communication System.

47           Christie Obey Onyia        Blueprint for Sustainable management and Utilization of Nigerian’s Bio resources

48           SegunAwonusi  Coping with English Pronunciation

49           R.S Khurmi, J.K Gupta     A textbook Thermal Engineering

50           Robert M.May   The Britannica Guide  to Climate guide

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52           Peter Collins& Carmella Hollo      English Grammar

53           Ross and Wilson                Foundation of Nursing and First Aid

54           MaziMbah C.C   Politics and Law in Africa

55           M.A Pawker F. Pickup     Engineering Drawing 2

56           Cambridge          Better English Pronunciation

57           Jimanze Ego-Alowes       Minorities as Competitive Overlooks

58                           Better Business Bureau

59           Therapeutic Guidelines Management Guidelines Development Disability

60           Chief AfeBabalola            Constitutionalism, Good Governing and Development

61           Mar Long             Financing the New Venture

62           Chuks P.Maduaburu, Cecilia U.Gayya      Introduction to organizational behavior

63           Michelle ledger Financial Fine Print

64           Francis FalakoOyeronke, OlademoOladeleOladunjoye     The church society and Nation Building

65           Ty Seidule, Jacqueline E. Whitt.  Stand up and Fight

66           University of Lagos          Unilag Journal of Politics

67           LovedayUzoanya             Basic oral English (phonics and Phonetics)

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69           W.chanKnin.Renee         Blue Ocean Strategy

70           Holt Rinechant Winston Elements of Literature

71           Work & Learn    Noun Journal of management and International Development

72           D.K         The Computer Book

73           O.F Owoso, O.Aluko01 Baanjoko               Manual of Food analysis and Quantity control

74           Erhayanmen A.M             The Dynamic of modern Economic(Micro Perspective)

75           Ahmed Yerima  Theatre, Culture and Politics

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86           Francis C. Anyim,Ph.D    Industrial relation in Nigeria in the 21st Century

87           Methusalah Jeremiah, Mabel Evwierhoma           Snapshots of female  Ethes

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89           Christine ObyOnyia         Blueprint For Sustainable Management and Utilization of Nigeria’s Bio resources

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                                                                   FOOD TECHNOLOGY

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                                                                 COMPUTER SCIENCES

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1              John W. Webb& Ronald A.Reis   Programmable Logic Controller

2              Anjugantan        Programming in Java


3              Dr. B.R Gupta     Network Analysis and Synthesis

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15           Raibornkinney   Cost Accounting Principle

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18           Paul Dietel& Harvey Dietel           How to Program

19           AnjuGntan          Programming in Java

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35           U.K Paulghare    Cryptography & Information Security





                                                               MECHANICAL ENGINEERING

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

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2              A.K Mohanity     Fluid mechanics

3..           Er.R.KRajpurt     A Textbook of Fluid Mechanics and hydraulic Machines in SI units 

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8              Steven C.Chapra& Raymond P. Canale    Numeric method for Engineers

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20           Harbans Singh Reyat       The Automobile

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38           Arbind Kumar Singh        Mechanics of Solids

39           E.RathaKrinshnan            Fluid Mechanics : An Introduction




                                                                  CIVIL ENGINEERING

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              V.N.s Murthy     Advanced foundation Engineering

2              Dr. B.C Punria, AshakKuror Jain, Arunkunar Jain  Design of  Steel Structure

3              V.N Vazirani, S.P Chandola           Concise Handbook Of Civil Engineering

4              Jill Pole Textbook on Contract Law

5              N.C Sinha, S.K Roy            Fundamental Reinforced concrete

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7              P.C Varghese     Design or Reinforced concrete Shell and Folded Plate

8              Charles Vander Kool        The Complete Business Manual for Concrete Power Contractor

9              AdebeDinku       Construction Management and Finance 

10           H.S Moondra, Raviv Gupta           Laboratory Manual for Civil engineering

11           S.W Nunnally     Construction Method and Management

12           Bill Mosley, John Bunyes& Ray Hulse       Reinforced Concrete Design To Eurocode

13           Ivor H. Seeley    Building Economic

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17           Ever Green         Architecture Material

18           M. LGambhir      Design of Reinforced Concrete Structures

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20           Dr.R. Vaidyanathan, Dr. P. Perumal          Structural Analysis

21           Avirash Gupta    Highway Construction and Maintenance

22           Shivsharan Sharma          Geotechnical earthquake Engineering

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24           Ivor H. Selly        . Civil Engineering  Contract Administration and Control

25           Shivsharal Sharma           Civil Engineering Construction Design And Management

26           Engr. Benedict C. Egboh Design    And  Construction  Data    For     Civil     Engineering   In   Nigeria 

27           Ewan Mckendrick            Contract Law (4th Edition )

28           Ewan Mckendrick            Contract of Law ( 7th Edition)

29           Dr. Sadhu Singh Element or Mechanical Engineering

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39           Ajay Waddwa    Numerical Analysis

40           International Trade Council          International Residential Code

41           V.N Vazirani, M.mRqatwani         Concrete Structure

42           John Bird              Engineering Science Pocket Book




                                                       MATHEMATICAL AND STATISTICS

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Cord Communication     Card bridge to Algebra and Geometry

2              Henry J.Richardo              Differentiate Equation

3              Alenxander S. Poznyak  Advanced Mathematical tools for automatic Control engineers

4              Ann dawker        Mathematical difficulties

5              Puma Chandra Biswal     Probability and statistics

6              Alan JeffreyHui-Hui Dai  Handbook or mathematical Formulas and Integrals

7              Robert A. Adams              Calculus

8              Murroy R. Spiegel, Larry J. Stephen          Statistics

9              Lind MarchalWathan      Statistical techniques In Business and Economic

10           James Jaccard, Michaes A.B. Becker         Statistic For the Behavioral Sciences

11           David P. Doane, Lori E. Seward   Applied Statistics in Business and Economics

12           Levine Stephen Krehbiel Berenson           Statistics for Manager Using Microsoft Excel

13           S.Rajasekaran, S.chand  Numerical method in science and Engineering

14           James Stewart   Calculus: Early Transcedentals

15           Robert D. manson, Danglas A. Lind           Statistical techniques in Business and Economic

`16.         Williams/Sweeney/Anderson     Essential Of Contemporary Business Statistics

17           David F. Groebner           Business Statistics

18           John Bird              Basic Engineering Mathematics

19           Erwin Kreyszig   Advanced Engineering Mathematics

20           Glyn james          Modern Engineering Mathematics

21           S.S.Sastry            Engineering Mathematics

22           C.R Kothari, guaranGarg Research Methodology





                                                           BANKING AND FINANCE

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Robert bruner, Kenneth M. Eades& Michael J. Schill          Case Studies in finance

2              Elizaberth Jackson-Moore            The International Handbook of Islamic banking & Finance

3              Bradford D. Jackson& Thomas W. Miller Fundamentals of investments valuation & Management

4              Chandrasekhar Krishnamurti& S.R Unishwanath Advanced Corporate finance

5              William L. Megginson     Introduction Is corporate finance

6              Kaplan  The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants Paper F5 Performance Management (PM)

7              Kaplan  The Association chartered Certified Accountants Paper F9 financial management

8              Chuck Williams  MGMT

9              NileshPathak     Banking& its Credit Creation

10           Arvind Kumar Bhatt         Innovation & Entrepreneurship

11           Williams F. Sharpe, Gordon Alenxandre& Jeffrey bailey   Investments

12           Reid Click & Joshua Coual             The Theory & Practice of international Financial management

13           HawawiniViallet                Finance For Executives managing For Value Creation

14           Thomas Cline &mariaCronley      Consumer behavior Science & Practice

15           NiloeshPathak   The changing Era of e-banking

16           Unogboro, A.O  Bank management

17           Thomas L.whellen J. David Hunger            Strategic Management& Business policy Achieving Sustainability

18           Paul Krugman&ManriceObstafield           International Economics theory & policy

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20           Fredeic S. Mishkin            The Economic of Money, Banking & Financial Markets

21           V.Neelanegam, Micro Finance

22           John hanke& Dean Wichern         Business Forecasting

23           Bhabatosh, Banejee       Fundamentals of Financial  Management

24           FreedricMishkin& Stanley Eakins               Financial Market & Institution

25           Ade Omolehinnwa          Work out Strategic Financial Management (Notes & Worked Example)

26           Ross Werter Field, Jaffee& Roberts          Corporate Finance

27           Manhood Shh& Steve Clarke       E-Banking Management, issues, Solution & Strategies

28           D.R Melita           Derivatives

29           Sunday I. Ownalah           Understanding Business Finance

30           Krugman&obstfield        International economics Theory & Policy

31           Blocher, stout, Juras, &Cokins     Cost Management: A strategic Emphasis

32           M.RevathySrinam            Core Banking Solution Evaluation Of Security & Controls

33           Pauline weetman            Financial and management Accounting: An Introduction

34           Rajmchondhary Customer Relationship Management in Retail banking

35           S.Kevin Fundamentals of international financial Management

36           E.Narayaana       Money & Banking

37           J.P Saxena           Warehouse Management & Inventory Control

38           K.C Shekhar&LekshmyShekhar   Banking Theory & Practice

39           John E. Hanke& Dean Wichern   Business Forecasting




                                                                MATHEMATICAL AND STATISTICS

S/N        AUTHOR              TITLE

1              Jeffrey Aikrames              Inside drucker’s brain

2              George Ritzer     Sociological theory

3              Arijit Chavelhuri                Essentials of survey

4              Alak DE Plane surveying

5              P.C. VERGHESE Advance reinforced concrete design

6              Jerry Nathansun               Surveying fundamental and practices

7              Shagufta              Geographic information system

8              William Norton Human geography

9              S.S. Bhavikatti    Surveying and leveling

10           Dr. B.C. Punmu Surveying Vol. I

                Dr. B.C. Punmu Surveying Vol. II

11           James R. Wirshing, Roy H. Wishing            Introductory surveying 

12           Sandra Lee          Willis’s Elements of Quantity

13           Dagoho M. J Faberra, Fancis A    Fundamentals of Geodesy

14           Dr. A. M. Chandra            Plane Surveying

15           S. K. Roy               Fundamentals of Surveying

16           Dr. Dunil Gary    Geotectonic and Geomorphology

17           T. G. Palaniuelu Wireless and Mobile  communication

18           James R. Wirshing, Roy H. Wirshing          Introductory surveying

19           Chernicoff Fox   Essentials of Geology

20           Aurthur Bannisten,          Solving Problems in Surveying

                Raymond Banker