Research and Development Centre

Research and Development Centre
Research and Development Centre

Research and Development Centre

The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro in realization of the importance of Research and Development activities in the institution established the Research and Development Centre in the first quarter of 2012 with a view to ensuring that the Institution is not left behind in the scheme of research activities among the comity of tertiary institutions. The center is headed by a Director in person of Engr. O.A. Osore.

Core Mandate

The core mandate of the Centre includes:

Stimulating research activities in academic departments

Sustaining the culture of research as a cornerstone of academic life;

Harvesting Research and Development efforts of students and staff with a view to making them known to wider audience;

Creating synergy between researchers and funding agencies in order to improve level of productivity in Research and Development;

Ensuring that Researches, innovations and development activities are presented to a wider audience to the benefit of the researchers, to boost the image of the Institution and for the use of the Nigerian nation and humanity at large;

Midwifing, facilitating and supporting academic publications, journals, occasional papers and others emanating from research activities conducted by members of staff in the Institution;

Organizing Institutional Expo to showcase new technological innovations and brandishing new items for exhibition;

Advising Management on assessing and allocating research funds

Monitoring and evaluating researches for which funds were allocated;

Institution and Publication of Institutional Journals;

Evolvement of a Research and Development Policy for the Polytechnic with well-defined objectives and Institutional framework for research and publication activities known to members of the Polytechnic Community;

Advising Management on Research and Development Policy formulation;

Creating synergy between members of staff and National Office for Technological Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) with a view to patenting innovations by members of staff;

Organization of inaugural lectures to be delivered by Chief Lecturers;


The Centre has made some impact in the following areas:

Facilitation of up to Thirty One (31) Institution Based Researches sponsored by TETFUND

Organization of the First Inaugural Lecture, first of its kind in the Institution and subsequent three Lectures in the Series so far

Facilitation of the Fabrication of Complete Palm Oil and Palm Kernel Oil Processing Machines and Six Row Seed Planter funded by TETFUND. .

Facilitation of release of funds for publication of two (2) Institution Based Journals from TETFUND – Ilaro Journal of Science and Technology and Journal of Humanities and Management;

Organization of A Two-Day Workshop on Electronic Examination System for Staff in the Departments of General Studies, Mathematics and Statistics and Entrepreneurship Development Centre of the Institution;

Organization of Training Workshop on Intellectual Property Generation Protection and Management for Academic Staff so as to educate staff on how to present their publications and fabrications for patenting;

Organization of Institutional Expo with a view to showcasing new technological innovations and manufacturing new items for exhibition.

As a fall-out from one of the researches, midwifed by the Centre, for the first time, the Institution is able to adopt Computer Based Test for some of her Examinations.

Organization of First International Conference and Exhibition on Technological Innovations and Global Competitiveness

Issuance of Patent Certificates by the National Office for Technology Acquisition and Promotion (NOTAP) of the Federal Ministry of Science and Technology for three inventions by the faculty of the Institution