Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre
Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre

Innovation Centre

The Federal Polytechnic, Ilaro Innovation Centre [FPI-IC], came into being late 2021. This was a strategic response to the need to prepare students and staff for the skill requirements of the fourth and fifth industrial revolution, which were not readily in the curricula. Consequentially, about six thousand [6,000] students in the Schools of Engineering, Environmental Studies and Pure  Applied Sciences were enrolled for various courses within the Centre. The FPI-IC has the mandate to provide skills and training [purely hands-on] for our students. In other to fulfil this task, the Centre is in partnership with Ultrapic Embedded System and Robotics for five [5] years in the first instance and renewable afterwards. The partners are responsible for the provision of training equipment and tools while the Polytechnic provides the logistics for running the centre [consumables, power and so on]

Administrative Structure The FPI-IC is heady by a Director and managed by a Management Committee comprising of seven [7] members including a Desk Officer with the following Terms of Reference:  To design the curriculum for the training of students.  To use the platform of the Centre to generate additional revenue for the Polytechnic thereby boosting the IGR. To undertake the mandate of training the students, The Centre trained fifty [50] academic staff who in turn are training the students.


Equipment in the Centre The FPI-IC is located in the New Building behind the Engineering High Rise structure with two [2] laboratories and two [2] workshops. The Laboratories containing 75 personal computers are used for training in Embedded Systems. The first workshop has laser cutting machine, 5-in-1 panel cutting machine, 3D printer and a furnace while the second workshop is used for training in drone and robotics design, fabrication, and assembly.

Services in FPI-IC The mandate of the FPI-IC is divided into two [2]:

Services to our Students and the Polytechnic Community and Services to outside communities.

Services to our Students and the Polytechnic Community. The services rendered to our students are in acquiring sufficient skills in the following area:

    1. Embedded Systems

    2. Robotics

    3. Artificial Intelligence

    4. Drone Making and flying

    5. Assisting the students in their final year project.

    6. Services to outside communities

To fulfil the mandate of generating fund for the Polytechnic, the FPI-IC provides services to the communities in the following areas:

  1.  Coding booth camp for Primary and Secondary students

  2.  Design, Develop and Fabricate Automation equipment

  3.  Design, Develop and Fabricate UAVs (Drones)

  4.  Automated Knap Sacks and any other equipment that may be demanded by the agricultural sector.;

  5.  Provide Crop Protection Services to farms

  6.  General and Precision Fumigation

  7.  Precision Irrigation

  8.   Provide technical support to farms using advanced technology in farming.


The FPI-IC in conjunction with the CICT has attracted the Huawei ICT Academy to the Polytechnic. This shall enhance the capacity of our students in current IT related skills.