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Yaba Tech TV Mgmt Board Visits Fm PolyTv Ilaro for Operational Insights

Yaba Tech TV Mgmt Board Visits Fm PolyTv Ilaro for Operational Insights

In a bid to enhance the operational capabilities of their newly licensed campus television station, the TV Management Board of Yaba College of Technology recently paid a facility and enlightenment tour of the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro Television studio.

The visit, aimed at gaining valuable on the job experience and learn best practices from the experienced team of Poly TV Ilaro.

The delegation from Yaba College, led by Dr. Raheem Omobayo, Chairman of it's TV Board, and equally the Director of Information, Strategic Communication and Public Relations included key personnel, such as Dr. Charles Oni , a Communication Guru and Chief Lecturer in the Department of Mass Communication, Mrs Abosede Ogunnaike, the Dean, School of Information, Communication and Liberal Studies and Mr.Awofala Hazzan, a senior Lecturer in the Marketing department

While receiving the delegates, the Rector Dr. Mukail Aremu Akinde, FCA, FCIT alongside the Management team expressed great delight that the 'first generation' Institution saw it fit to learn from the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro

This, according to the Rector goes to show that Federal Polytechnic Ilaro is not doing badly.

The purpose of the visit, was agreed by both institutions as as a form of "reversed mentoring" whereby the old learn from the young.

During the visit, the Chairman, Poly TV Ilaro Management Board, Dr. B.A Agbeyangi provided a comprehensive overview of their operations of the new station.
He shared insights into the station's organizational structure, programming, and content development strategies.
The delegation was also given a tour of the state-of-the-art facilities, where they observed the advanced broadcasting equipment and technology in use.

Key discussions focused on various aspects of running a successful campus television station, including content creation, program scheduling, and financial management.

He also gave an elaborate insight into the funding models, revenue generation strategies, and cost management practices, providing a clear roadmap for sustainable operations.

An open forum allowed both institutions to share challenges and solutions in running a campus, yet a revenue generating TV station.
The exchange of ideas fostered a collaborative spirit, with both parties agreeing to establish a mentorship program.

This initiative may see PolyTV Ilaro providing on the job support and guidance to Yaba Tech TV station.

Dr. Raheem expressed gratitude for the insights gained, stating, "This visit has been incredibly beneficial. We now have a clearer understanding of the operational intricacies involved in running a campus TV station, and we are excited to implement these practices at Yaba Tech."

A short radio and television demonstration programs was anchored by Mr Sola Abiala, the Deputy Registrar, Public Relations and a member of the Poly TV Ilaro Management Board, hosting the Chairman, Yaba Tech TV Board, Dr. Raheem Omobayo and Mr Adefala respectively.

The principal officers present at the event included Dr. Mrs C.B. Iro-Idoro, Deputy Rector, Academics, TPL Lukmon Lasisi, Deputy Rector, Administration, Mrs A. F Babatola, Registrar and the Bursar, Mr. M.B Akinola.
Other Board members of the Poly TV Ilaro present included Mr. T. A. Bada, Barr. R. Adeolu and Mrs M .O Olowofela, the Secretary of the Board.